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Top 4 WWE Superstars 2/23/12

This week the Heels swept the episode, which is a bit amazing. While Superstars is more about having whomever they are pushing being the winner, which in this case is usually the Face, in this episode it appears may we are getting a new round of pushes?

4. Justin Gabriel vs. Jinder Mahal

This really only made it on the list or otherwise I would have to have made number four Matt Striker’s eyes. Not so much his commentary during this match, but he does have eyes that sparkle. Justin Gabriel and Jinder Mahal put on a mediocre performance. Mahal’s Camel Clutch looks painful, but he’s won matches with it about four weeks in a row now. He does not need to perfect this move, he has it down. By the time he is back on Smackdown and winning I will be tired of this move. Justin Gabriel and Jinder Mahal both need finishers other than what I continually see. They also did nothing that made me overly excited to see the match.

3. Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty

Yes, I put this match over the last one. Even if Michael McGillicutty won and I prefer Jinder Mahal of the two. Unlike Riley’s match on NXT, which was ho-hum, Riley performed up to par in this match-up. McGillicutty has always been good in the ring, his character is just flat. The two put on a good enough match that I wanted it and have decided that both have learned where their mistakes were. Problem is, as WWE usually does, they tried to push both too soon. The WWE Universe has a long memory and they are not yet ready to forgive WWE for pushing Riley and McGillicutty on us before either was able to perform to their best.

2. Scott Stanford

Now that you have all woken up after collectively stealing the room of its air with your gasps I may explain. Scott is the best there is in commentary. If you do not believe me I will forgive you for either being a William Regal fan over him or because you have been brain washed. Otherwise, face it, the man puts more talent over than anyone else has tried in the WWE for years. He has enthusiasm, he gives us a story why the men are fighting, this week his story comes about a locker room argument between Ryan and Reks, and he keeps the audience glued to what is happening and not his own personal feelings. While Josh Mathews continues to fall quiet despite the great openings Scott leaves him, constantly, Scott fills the dead air with chatter about the men, or ladies, in front of him. And has this man come a long way from his early days back in 2010. This episode Scott gives McGillicutty’s finisher a name with “Turning Heads,” and even knew the actual name of a suplex used (Saito Suplex, though my boyfriend and I argued about how to properly pronounce it. We both won.) So, why isn’t Scott number one if I have all of this love for him?

1. Tyler Reks vs. Mason Ryan

I know, right? Mason Ryan in the number one spot? Superstars is first and foremost about wrestling. If it wasn’t for Scott there would be no storylines between the men and it would just be match after match for no reason. You are tuning in because you want wrestling, right? Tyler Reks and Mason Ryan deliver with zeal. This match makes Tyler Reks’ first singles win since March of last year.  Ryan, while being stiff up until this point, seems to have loosened up and Reks… just… wow. I had no words when Reks lifted Ryan up like he weighed nothing at all and threw him to the mat. I do not know the name of that finisher but by the Wrestling Gods I want to see this again. So I’ll probably watch Superstars a second time. And not just for Scott! I also debate if this Tyler Reks match might make my top four for match of the week, that is how much I loved it.

The matches were a showcase of talent. Because I am bored with a man makes him no less talented in the ring. I may not have enjoyed Gabriel and Mahal because I had seen this before, but the two men worked well despite my own misgivings. If you truly want wrestling, this is the Superstars to watch.

Bonus points for no Vickie Guerrero passing notes to Scott this week.