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Reviewing ‘Walking A Golden Mile’ by William Regal and Neil Chandler


William Regal is an enticing figure you watch on your television screen. His persona never fades and he knows how to tell a story in just the way he carries himself. What went on, though, to bring him to the point the is at today? Let’s face it, everyone who follows wrestling knows he did drugs at some point, but what was going through his mind as he did?

The novel starts off a little dry. It was not hard to follow but did a fair share of bouncing. It was obvious he did not want to actually talk about his family more than he had to. The family was more thrown in to show that someone out there supported him or how he differed for them. His love for his father shines through clearly, but Regal did his best to take the focus off of familial ties.

About 15-20% through the novel it seems to screech and turn and slam on the brakes. It re-evaluates where it is going, and hit’s the gas. Now, instead of taking winding turns the novel is following a very straight path that takes you along a scenic route. Perhaps a little fast, but not too fast you get to see what you came for.

Regal’s story is heartbreaking and something to look up to all at once. He is a role model, even if it’s a what-not-to do sort of thing. Regal makes quite a few mistakes in life, and pays for them. He is repenting now, and forever, for those sins, and it makes for a more interesting read. A man who was sinister and dark on screen is truly a humble, loving man.

My biggest complaint about the autobiography was the reuse of simple words, like “sad”. Sure, Regal even admits he is no literary genius, but if you have another man there to help you write your story he had better darn well not overuse the word “sad”. The audience gets it, having friends die is sad, but how many times did I need to hear the word? Thesauruses rock.

Reasons to Read:

– You are a sports entertainment fan

– You are a Regal fan, in any incarnation he has been in

– You enjoy stories of men overcoming their own addictions

– You enjoy autobiographies

Reasons Not to Read:

– A bit dry in detail

– Overuse of certain words

– Despite stories with other wrestlers, the focus is very much on Regal and everyone else is glossed over


NXT’s Top Four of 11/23/11

There were only about four things that really happened on NXT this week. Usually this would not incline me to do a top four but I am going to. The reason? You still are not watching this show! No matter how many times I tell you that you are missing something great, you will not watch it. No matter how many times I tell you that you can not insult something without watching, you won’t watch, and continue to insult it. NXT is not what it was. Do not talk to me about “challenges” or how long the competition has been. Tune into the show, because certain things about it will wow you! (Though those certain things will not be Titus O’Neil or Percy Watson)

4. Jimmy Uso vs. JTG

The Usos are unhappy that Tamina has decided to take up with this man. “He’s not one of us.” While this could sound like some good ol’ fashioned racism I just take it as JTG was raised from the streets and the Usos were raised a little more privileged, I mean, look who their father is? Jimmy and JTG, after each getting their time to shine on the microphone, put on a match that was predictable but entertaining. I miss Scott Stanford’s commentary when JTG is in the ring. No one is telling me how fly JTG is! (After complaining about this on twitter Scott gave me this, “This JTG is so fly, when you look up “fly” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Jayz and Eminem pointing to a poster of JTG.” I can breathe a little easier now)

3. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Johnny Curtis

While this match is going on Derrick Bateman and Maxine drop on to commentary, however I’m not going to talk much about them here since they are further up on this list. This is all about Curtis, who is trying to make a good showing for the woman he went on one date with, and Yoshi Tatsu who is dressed in blue and seems to have lost the Dark Yoshi look and feel. Perhaps he did not like being a darker him? I am unsure but he seems to be back to his usual self which might be for the best. Curtis might lose this match but at least Curtis is doing something. For those who have been wondering about him since his promos on Smackdown, he’s easily a reason to tune in!

2. Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, and Darren Young

Matt Striker, who is host, seeming general manager, and tonight also a commentator, creates an impromptu match. Of course the match has to involve Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil, but he teams up Tyler Reks and Darren Young, while also telling Hawkins he may be there as well. Earlier, before the match, it seemed that Reks and Hawkins might have been inviting D. Young to join their duo and turn it into triplicate talent. Either way Reks and Young work better together than I was expecting and Hawkins makes a great showing at the side of the ring, interfering enough for Young to get the win. Another shock because I was sure they were going to let O’Neil get the win after Young had just freshly returned. Young was a little sloppy in places but I will brush it off and say he’s a bit out of practice after 30 days, or not used to lifting the dead weight of O’Neil. In coming weeks it will tell if my returning adoration for the man will remain. I look forward to it, and I hope he continues on with Reks and Hawkins.

1. Batemax

That’s pronounced Beta Max. If you don’t get it you might be too young.

As I mentioned Bateman and Maxine join Striker and Regal on commentary during the Johnny Curtis and Yoshi Tatsu match. If you are wondering why this match of all matches I again urge you to watch NXT. The Curtis/Bateman feud is the best one they have going, and you’ll notice that they are actually allowing two “heels” to work together? Yeah, take note that this does work. Striker does what he does best and is downright rude to Maxine but, damn, if the woman can not give it as good, or better, than she gets. She has quite the tongue on her and Striker, for the first time, seems to lose a battle of words between commentators. All the while Bateman, who has been freshly signed to Smackdown which could mean the end of his purgatory in NXT land, speaks eloquently and with his usual panache. At the end of the Curtis match, after Curtis has already lost, Bateman excuses himself to slide into the ring. What happens next is the most unexpected thing I’ve seen in WWE in months, at least. I won’t spoil it, why don’t you watch it?

Best line of the whole show? Matt Striker keeps calling William Regal, “Master Regal.” Regal quips that he should stop because it makes him feel weird. While Derrick quickly quips back, “Matt, don’t call me Master, it might be inappropriate.”

For those complaining about the “PG Era” why don’t you watch NXT? Batemax alone push the boundaries of PG. And it’s a bit hot when they kiss. And are wrestling. And just in general on screen.

Excuse me, I need to go get the mop now.