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4 Reasons to Watch Superstars 10/27/11

Last week I was losing faith in Superstars. This week it decided to renew it. That does not mean the show was less predictable because going in you knew who was going to win every match of the four, but the moves were more exciting, the commentary more interesting, and let’s face it, not having to see Triple H attacked again was dazzling. But, this is about the four best things of Superstars, so let us recap those:

4. The Bella Twins

Slinking their way down in the ring in sensual catsuits that make a man drool, The Bella Twins outshine their opponents in everything from appearance to style. The Bella Twins have stopped trying to be their own version of LayCool and decided to take a different approach. Sexing it up they turn it around in personality by being as childish as possible when facing Kelly Kelly and Eve. They put their finger and thumb up and out to make “L’s” at the girls, they give childish taunts of, “Nyah, nyah,” and one of the Bella’s covers her ears when Eve is screaming. It is a perfect position for these women. They seem to have found what they are comfortable with and instead of trying to come up with some over the top insults that fall flat the second or third time around they just go with the first thing that pops into their heads.

3. Air Boom vs. JTG and Primo

I asked two guys the other day when I started becoming such a JTG fan. They told me it was likely because I was watching him against Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil. After watching this match I’m convinced I’ve just become a JTG fan over time. Air Boom and JTG and Primo work fluidly together. Kofi flies high but seems to keep himself a little more in control of his moves while Evan does what he does best. But Primo and JTG both show that they can keep up with the fast-paced, high flying men in this match. Haven’t seen much of Primo lately? You know you miss him.

2. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase

First off, stop whining that Cody Rhodes is on Superstars. Cody Rhodes is given a chance to get a win after he’s been fighting and losing recently. He does not even need it as it seems an entire regime is behind the man. Cody Rhodes is the opening match of Superstars and looks incredible. It’s not really a drop when he was featured on the pay-per-view just on Sunday. It’s an opportunity for this man to do moves that had me rewinding to watch it again. Dibiase works well with him and between the two they put on more than a decent match. We knew Cody would win, and still it was an amazing victory.

“Cody’s back might be disfigured!” – Korpela
“I’m just a loser who likes to conjugate verbs.” – Striker

1. Scott Stanford (and Josh Mathews)

I tend to put Scott Stanford at number one for good reason. He’s the best. The. Best. Don’t argue, you know it’s true. A few weeks ago though I complained that Josh Mathews did not seem to want to play along with Scott’s hilarity. In the weeks since Mathews has proven that he can keep up with Scott. His snorts of derision, his vocal hurts when a man is taken down, and his general attitude have seemed to have a facelift that is giving these two a run for best commentary team. And I could not be more glad of it. The two of them tell a story with every person who enters the ring and draw you in. I’m glad to see these two working together, and almost seemingly against Striker and Korpela. Now that could be an interesting commentary rivalry, if just because these four can do things with their barbed words without needing to embarrass themselves in the ring.

Scott has energy he was lacking in last week’s main event through their entire portion. The man can make exciting matches solid gold with his words and he sells two matches that people would not think they would want to watch as if they were main events on Raw. Yet better.

Scott Stanford’s best lines of the night:

“Welcome to the Raw portion of the program, that means the better looking duo.”

“This guy, JTG, is so fresh he sleeps in a ziplock bag.”

“JTG is so cool I understand that called him to play Fonzy in the remake of Happy Days.” Josh: “That is completely untrue.”

“I’m corny to say the least, going way back to Happy Days.”

“All I have to say is Holy catsuits, Batman!”

“How many people do you know that could come out in catsuits like that?” Josh: “Two.” Scott: “Nikki and Brie?” Josh: “Yup.” Scott: “I thought you were going to say Jack and Matt Striker but-” Josh: “They are the furthest thing from my mind as we prepare for this Diva Main Event.”

“The Bella Twins, let’s just call them the Sisters of Seduction.”

“Kelly, Rikishi style!”


Top 4 Reasons to Watch NXT 10/26/11

“Yeehaw we’re here in Texas baby, yeah.” Derrick Bateman opening up NXT for us this evening.

This week NXT picked itself back up from last week. It decided it was not going to do the same thing, entirely. While a few matches were familiar there was enough to keep the pace going that NXT found itself more entertaining than Raw.

As always, my top 4 reasons to watch NXT:

4. Lack of the Recap

Perhaps Raw understood the complaint. After showing Triple H being attacked by Kevin Nash when it happened then two recaps during the Monday night show perhaps the writers understood we did not need to see it again. Of course there was a Raw recap but I found myself celebrating that it was John Cena saying he chooses The Rock. And the spittle incident was cut as best they could. Less recap on NXT this week than usual. That earns it points.

3. Tyson Kidd, Curt Hawkins, Matt Striker

During the show Matt Striker hands to Hawkins a notice of suspension for one week, telling him not to worry about it since he was already injured and unable to work. Tyson tells Striker not to insult someone holding a cane. I love watching Striker in a more active role on NXT than the “Let me announce a few challenges,” role. Tyson Kidd has his chance to shine on NXT and proves it when he goes out to the ring to compete against Jey Uso. The Usos have a slightly tweaked entrance this week. They still give their chant but they have drum beats behind them and after they complete their chant a rap starts. It’s better than silence following them to the ring. I love Jey Uso but I found myself rooting for Tyson Kidd. This is further pushed by the fact that he had Curt Hawkins in his corner.

2. Kaitlyn, AJ, and Tamina

This NXT was too great and giving it four reasons was hard. So the girls are all together. Why? Because each one deserved her time to shine. Kaitlyn and AJ start off their scene talking to one another and Kaitlyn brags about how she is going to win against Tamina, who ends up standing right behind her. And old joke but it works so well for these women. Kaitlyn turns to Tamina and says, “You are surprisingly stealthy for such a… tall person!” Kaitlyn and Tamina proceed to put on a solid match that makes me wish Tamina would change her ring attire. She looks like she is dressed to go to a corporate luncheon without the suit jacket while Kaitlyn sports a new outfit that is her most flattering yet. I love both of these women and watching two powerful women wrestle, and well, makes me smile.

1. Derrick Bateman and Maxine

Derrick is consistently at the top of my list, for good reason. This week he has to be paired up with Maxine because there was so much good about NXT some had to be condensed. During Bateman’s match with Titus O’Neil, where Bateman wins thank heavens, Maxine and AJ proceed to do commentary. Jack Korpela grins like a school boy as he ogles Maxine and Maxine brushes it all off, though not unkindly, as she is a bit unkind to AJ. AJ is good on commentary, Maxine is great. Maxine gives barbs with little effort and looks incredible doing it.

While Derrick had some of the best lines of the night his best moment of the night came after his match when he had Maxine join him in the ring. He told her his love for her and then got down on one knee and asked Maxine to marry him. She proceeded to slap him, kiss him, then say yes. I was not sure if she was angry or wanted to cry or a little of both but it was the best moment in NXT history, better than Aksana and Goldust’s proposal and bomb of a marriage. I’m rooting for these two, in marriage, health, and career.

I always go with four, but an honorable mention goes to the beginning of the show.

“My by default best friend, JTG.” – Bateman about JTG “Next WD star!” – Bateman making fun of O’Neil and his inability to say “WWE”.

The show starts off with Derrick, JTG, and Maxine on one side and Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil on the other. I’m either a growing fan of JTG’s or I just really dislike Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson. Or a little of both. However Bateman and JTG seem to make a fun pairing that ended up becoming trapped in matches with these opposing men. Titus O’Neil needs to work on his mic skills and has to pander to the crowd to get pops by wearing pink bottoms and saying it was for the two women in his life he’s lost to breast cancer and for the women in the audience or watching who have also suffered. It’s a nice sentiment, but the poor man stumbles constantly over his words.

JTG and Bateman however shine with better mic skills, and then better skills in the ring. Sorry guys, even if JTG lost to Percy, he was the more entertaining of those two.

4 Reasons to NOT Watch Raw 10/24/11

Raw 10/24/11

Last night’s RAW was a disappointment to most who watched it. Perhaps not everyone thought it was awful but the majority of the people I had spoken to were unhappy with Monday Night Raw.

While the show did have a couple of good highlights, there was a couple of interesting matches that were overshadowed by everything going on. Even John Morrison did not lose in three minutes and put on an entertaining match with Wade Barrett.

Instead of doing four reasons to watch Raw, though, I’m going to tell you the four things that should have chased people away:

4. Michael Cole vs. JR

There was not a match in itself last night but Michael Cole did issue JR a challenge. JR was not there to accept or refuse. Cole told JR if JR beats him in the Cole Challenge than Cole will quit. I have always been a supporter of Cole. While not thinking he was the best commentator he does what he does well, which is mostly get the audience to root for or boo a man. Even if you do not realize it’s happening, he’s swaying your decisions, just like he does on whether you like him or not. However this is a wrestling show. If you want the commentators to do something it should be a plotline revolving around a Superstar, not around the commentators. For example, Matt Striker coming out as Tyson Kidd’s manager on Superstars a few months back. That worked. Striker has the personality and it was still more about Kidd than it was Striker. John Cena and JR vs. Alberto Del Rio and Cole was about Cole and JR, not the Superstars.

Many of you will ask if I would feel differently if it was Scott Stanford issuing a challenge to Jack Korpela. Nope. These men are good at speaking. They are not wrestlers. They announce matches and put over the Superstars. That is what they are supposed to do. Not promote themselves.

3. CM Punk

I loved CM Punk a few months ago when he was ready to quit. Now CM Punk sounds angry for the sake of being angry and I can not get back behind him. I was bored enough during Punk’s speaking I got up and left the room to go play with one of the cats for awhile.

2. John Cena announcing his tag partner as The Rock

Unfortunately this was the most anticlimactic moment in awhile. WWE had announced this back in September and so when it came time for Cena to actually make it official I could not bring myself to care. I am excited to see The Rock do something, but The Rock has already “come back” and has not made a lot of appearances since. I’m a big Rock fan and still I am not excited to see him in Survivor Series. There should have been more build or at least a lack of spilling this match at the pay-per-view. WWE holds on to its spoilers so hard, why did this one have to leak?

1. Does He Have a Pulse/Recap

Just two days ago I complained that the Pre Show was one large Raw recap show, when Raw has enough recaps. In case you missed it, here’s where Raw recaps: NXT, Superstars, Smackdown, Pre Shows, and Bottom Line. To name a few. To be honest I do not watch After Burn but I’m guessing it does much of the same thing.

Raw became it’s own recap show last night. Triple H, who we all knew was injured from when Kevin Nash threw him to the ring Sunday night, decided he has too much pride to let that take him out. So he had to be assaulted with a sledgehammer and proceed to have a seizure. Then be assaulted again as he was being lifted into the ambulance. Triple H does not go down easily.

After the first half an hour of this, and then a commercial break, we come back to, you guessed it, a recap. A recap of what just happened not ten minutes ago! Then the show does something later that I can not believe it didn’t think better of. It recapped this again.

I hate recaps. I want them to go away. Or at least not take up nearly a half an hour of a two hours show. But this did not repulse me nearly as much as the line, “Does he have a pulse?” Don’t you think you are pushing it a bit, Triple H? You can’t admit you were injured so we have to go so far as to try to believe you might have died from these attacks?

These bits were enough in the show to make me lose a lot of faith, and it only took one episode. I won’t stop watching because I still love WWE. But why is it my least favorite show but out by them is the main one?

When asked to name one thing people liked least about last night’s RAW here are a few of the smatterings of replies I received:

TheSupremeForce: Raw being a recap show for itself just to ensure that every person on the planet saw the stupid opening segment.

BizarroDoom: No Daniel Bryan. Again. And, if he HAD been on, he would’ve lost. Again.

StanfordArmy: CM Punk and his long promos. They were interesting once. No longer.

Yawsrko: Not enough John Laurinaitis and too much Hunter. And one line: “Does he have a pulse?”

Right2PlayGod: a lack of @scottstanford1 🙂 Honestly the tag match while good is what we’ve been seeing for weeks. Orton v Rhodes, sheamus v christian. Its over played. I think Orton Rhodes isn’t done just yet but .christian sheamus is killing me

meatredfish: Cole was annoying

Pichigo_Soul: Johnny Ace

Samalamalamalam: The one thing that really annoyed me tonight was Johnny Ace’s promo skills.

ImAMelFo: Didn’t like Cody losing for the 2nd night in a row. He’s ur IC champ, & he is being booked to lose clean which makes him weak.

mastersolace: the fact that John Laryngitis is @WWERawGM and he ain’t smart enough to pronounce Universe.

Shanicesaunt: that they kept replaying nash attacking the game

OWA_Sephiroth: Zack Ryder should’ve been in that main event. If there’s no follow up, then they absolutely blue-balled us.

Top 4 Reasons to Watch FCW 10/22/11

I was only going to do my four favorite things about FCW. FCW decided to make it very hard on me. Because four almost seems like a small number. This was a show filled with names you might recognize and names you need to look into. The Fink is your ring announcer for the evening and the first person he introduces is Ricardo Rodriguez, who insists he should introduce himself. The show only goes up from there.

4. The Ascension

There are two Ascension promos during this week’s episode of FCW. Two! I get shivers as this group shows their video promos. There is no one in this group not right for the part. I could watch them every moment of FCW. I could watch a television show just based off of this group. Hell, make this group a movie. They have personality, the look, and the moves. Unfortunately we don’t get to see the moves during this particular episode of FCW, but the promos are enough to keep you wondering and hoping for the next time.

3. Erik Rowan vs. Big E Langston

Erik Rowan came out and I can’t say I was ready to take this man seriously. Tall, bald, with a bushy red beard that was verging on Knoxian territory. I cringed and wondered how this man was going to work in the ring. Out came his opponent Big E Langston who I did not have much faith in either at first glance. Another large black man with Zeke like proportions. I was ready for a slow bout. I was wrong. This was an entertaining match between two large, strong men who were moving quicker through the ring than they had any right to. Watching Rowan pick up Langston had my mouth dropping and watching Langston turn much of it around on Rowan was awing. They had the moves and I now want to see them again.

2. Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Leakee

I have only started watching FCW in the last few weeks, so despite knowing Rodriguez was on FCW I had yet to see his moves. Being the opening match I did not have a build to his match but that was not needed. Rodriguez took center stage, introduced himself, and then out came Laekee, another member of the Anoa’I family. These two had chemistry and practice and were entertaining to watch together. I would have liked to have heard more from Leakee because then I might have been more excited when he won.

1. Leo Kruger vs. Husky Harris

I am not a big fan of Husky Harris. In fact I am not a fan at all. I did not like him on NXT and I do not like him at FCW. Why, then, does he rate as the partial number one on my list? Leo. Kruger. I would have made number one Leo Kruger to begin with if the match had not been solid and kept my interest the entire time. I enjoy Leo Kruger. He speaks well, he has smarmy down, and I do so enjoy smarmy, and the title looks good on him. Leo Kruger keeping his title had me jumping in my seat. I could have watched the entire show just for him and been happy, but luckily FCW provides entertainment consistently.

Other great things about this episode that did not make my top four was Kaitlyn and Caylee Turner (Alicia Fox’s little sister). Kaitlyn continues to show improvement in the ring and that she is the dominant strong woman of FCW and is at least in the running for number two on the WWE main roster. Caylee, while looking like her sister seems to have a softer appearance but moves that could still be just as strong.

William Regal is part of the announce team of FCW and is always entertaining. As he showed with his comment about Antonio Cesaro, “About the only thing to ever come out of Switzerland with any aggression about it.”

Speaking of Antonio Cesaro, this was his first match on FCW televised. Unfortunately he did not make it into my top four, and there is a reason for it. While Mr. Antonio Cesaro (as The Fink announced him) was entertaining and seemed to be enjoying himself in the ring it was the most predictable match of the night. He went up against Mike Dalton, who I had no idea who he was, and all we could think was this was the FCW guy who loses. We were right. Still, Cesaro made a good first showing and I look forward to seeing him again.

Other appearances of the night were Briley Pierce, Richie Steamboat, Naomi, Cameron Lynn, Byron Saxton, Percy Watson, Titus O’Neil, Maxine, Aksana, and Brad Maddox. FCW

My Perfect What If

Let me start off by saying that I am not in any way anti Vickie Guerrero. In fact, I think she’s fabulous. I want Vickie Inc. to grow. If she gains Christian, if Swagger and Ziggler learn to work together, this could be one of the most interesting groups that the WWE could have, if they just tell the story correctly.

Vickie’s group is growing and so is a need for her in a storyline. Unfortunately WWE books her and her own a bit too much like they treat Miz. They do not need to win but we are still supposed to take them seriously as a threat. This is a group that needs to win, if for one reason alone: The Anti Vickie Guerrero Stable.

Enter Monday Night Raw. Nickleback finishes up and out starts an entrance we have not heard before. Ears perk up and people turn to look. When Scott Stanford walks out there will be some confusion, many cheers, and wonderment in the hearts and minds of every Zack Ryder fan. Because there is one reason for Scott Stanford to be walking out, and that’s because Zack Ryder has found his new manager.

Zack Ryder follows shortly after, joining Scott in the ring in their usual jovial fashion. These two will be all smiles when they come into the ring, even when Stanford has something serious to say. What he wants to say is that Ryder deserves a rematch. He knows that Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero had everything to do with Ryder losing his pay-per-view match.

Enter Vickie, Swagger, and Ziggler who will do their usual of laughing at anyone who dare to try to oppose them. Teddy Long, in perfect Teddy Long fashion, will be the one who decides to make a tag match. Stanford and Ryder have an hour before the tag match begins. If Ryder’s team wins the tag match then Ryder can have another shot at the title.

Since this is my own perfect world I’m not giving Ryder who everyone thinks he should have because he’s suddenly the face they want to push (Mason Ryan). I want someone who meshes well with the outgoing personalities of Stanford and Ryder (and I’m not taking Hawkins away from Reks right now, I’m enjoying that too much). Who would I choose then, you ask? I’m glad you asked. My answer: Trent Barreta. Trent has the personality, he has the skill, he has just been held down because, well, whatever reason WWE holds down anyone.

How are Ryder and Barreta going to win a match, you ask? Why, Stanford is going to help them cheat this time. Is it underhanded? Of course. But it’s also payback for the constant cheating of Guerrero and her minions.

I know, I’m dreaming, but this would be my own perfect little Raw.

WWE Pre Shows

The half an hour before a WWE pay-per-view is Scott Stanford time for me. I swear I look more forward to those little segments of him than I do to the actual show that is coming up a half an hour later.

During this particular one it dawned on me why no one else was really watching this with me except other die-hard-Stanford-fans. It’s boring. No, not Stanford, and not Korpela when he makes an appearance. The show itself does the same thing that Superstars and NXT does, which I believe is part of the biggest reason these shows aren’t doing as well as they could: too many recaps.

What’s worse? Most of the recaps are of Raw. We saw those clips when we watched the show Monday night. We saw those clips when we die hard fans watched NXT. WE saw those clips when we watched Superstars. We saw a sedated part of those clips when we watched Smackdown. Now, just a week after Raw, we have a Pre Show that is riddled with the same clips, except now it is introduced by Scott Stanford.

Scott, who livens a room with his smile and does his best to make even the mundane interesting, is the most entertaining part of these shows. Only he can get away with lines like, “The cougar’s claw are about to come out… and so are my ears.”

What the Pre Show has done well as of late is interviews. Jack Korpela, hair properly spiked, has an interview with Mark Henry that to be honest is too short. R-Truth and The Miz are even given a segment that is about the perfect length.

Considering the WWE is already paying Scott and Korpela to be there it makes more sense to use them properly. Give them time to interview these men because between the two of them they could make the Pre Show something that people were wishing they were watching instead of chalking it up to just another one of those recaps. While I have enjoyed the show more since they started putting in interview segments, and always enjoy Stanford’s introductions of what happened before the clip he is about to present, we want more.

“Thanks Jack, stay safe out there tonight.”

Vengeance Predictions and Winners

Once again it was time to predict a pay-per-view. No one wanted to admit going in they were not confident in their predictions, but perhaps despite all of our griping over the weeks they may have done a good job lining up this pay-per-view. Vengeance was hard to predict and for the most part had pretty good matches.

Here’s how the six of us lined up this time:

Air Boom vs. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

Solace Prediction:
Air Boom is on a roll and Swagger and Ziggler just can’t seem to work consistently together. However I can’t say Air Boom is going to win. I’m not sure if it’s my love for the two Heels in this match or what, but I’m going with Winner: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

@SirTweets_ALot Prediction
JackDolph. I think the titles are changing hands, and that Dolph is going to be holding 2 titles, if only for an hour. Winner: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

@yawsrko Prediction:
I HATE AIR BOOM. I FUCKING DESPISE AIR BOOM. AIR BOOM SUCKS. I HOPE AIR BOOM CHOKES TO DEATH ON A BOWL OF *censored*. DID I MENTION I DON’T LIKE AIR BOOM? Anyway…I’m giving this to Swagger and Ziggler so they can continue to strengthen Vickie’s stable. PLUS I HATE AIR BOOM. I never said my hate was rational, either. But it exists and I must acknowledge it. Winner: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

@Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:
I wasn’t going to pick them, then I found out Dolph has two matches and not one. I see Ziggler leaving with gold tonight, but I don’t think they’re going to give him the status as double champion. Winner: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

@MarkBilly Prediction:
AirBoom have brought interest back to the titles, Swaggler have provided good opposition for them. I reckon Swaggler will finally get the titles off AirBoom. Winner: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

@TheSupremeForce Prediction:
This match scares me. I’m afraid they’re going to pull the trigger on the Ziggler/Swagger pairing too soon, which means they lose. I’m going to try to be optimistic and pick Zig Swagg to win. Winner: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Air Boom

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder

Solace Prediction:
This is a great push for Ryder, but Ziggler is on fire. Ziggler can’t move up yet to the main title belt when there is such an array of storyline going for it already. Better to keep the title on Ziggler and still let Ryder look like a champ. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

@SirTweets_a lot Prediction:
Now this match, I have put A LOT of thought into. Follow me on this. If Zack Ryder has anybody in his corner, he will lose. If Dolph has Swagger and Vickie in his corner, and they DO NOT get banned from ringside, Ryder will win via miscommunication between Dolph and Jack/Vickie. HOWEVER. If Swagger and Guerrero get banned from ringside at any time before/during the match, Ziggles wins. Winner: Zack Ryder (because of the stips and what happened in the match)

@yawsrko Prediction:
Zack Ryder. Not saying this because you’re a Zack fan or Stanford junkie, saying it because Zack’s earned the push *and* if Cody wins against RKO, retaining the IC belt (which is more prestigious than the US one), Vickie’s stable won’t need a second win for this PPV. Winner: Zack Ryder

@Paradise_Lost12 Prediction
It may be a massive want pick at this point, but WWE has clearly noticed Ryder’s efforts. I think they might give him the US title here Ziggler has two matches, Ryder can beat him in the second match of the night. It allows the feud to continue, Ryder gets his opportunity. Winner: Zack Ryder

@MarkBilly Prediction:
If WWE tease Broskis this much with a Ryder title match on a PPV and don’t give him a title people will probably give up on him (through no fault of his own). So I’ll predict Ryder for the win and maybe some kind of guff about how he’s double champion (Internet Champ) and Ziggler isn’t. That’s be interesting in my opinion. Winner: Zack Ryder

@TheSupremeForce Prediction:
I’m terrified that Ryder wins this, which would be too soon. I’m picking Ziggler though, out of the HOPE that the WWE gets this one correct. Ziggler needs to leave Vengeance with two Titles. Ryder can take the title from him later (leading the Swagger vs Ziggler feud that I’m not quite ready for yet). Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres

Solace Prediction:
I have nothing invested in this match at all. Letting Eve win proves nothing but that we should not take these Divas of Doom seriously. Winner: Beth Phoenix

@SirTweets_ALot Prediction:
The only Superstar that I hate more than Eve is Riley. If Eve were to win, I would have a hissy fit. Beth, in hopefully dominating fashion. Winner: Beth Phoenix

@yawsrko Prediction:
Nobody cares.

lol ok, well now that my feelings are out of the way, here’s hoping Beth. I’m not ready to let the “Divas of Doom” go yet. Especially to Eve Torres. If Eve had the ‘it’ factor, maybe, and fine, but…no. Keep that ugly-ass designed-by-a-7-yr-old title belt on Beth for now. Winner: Beth Phoenix

@Paradise_Lost12 Prediction
They just gave Beth the belt, I can’t see them taking it off her this soon. I think she’s going to get a good reign with it, and the only person I see taking it away from her, is Natalya down the road. Winner: Beth Phoenix

@MarkBilly Prediction:
Beth has been champion for about 47 minutes (that’s how long it’s been since the last PPV… right?) so she’ll keep it. Maybe a Kelly heel turn on Eve cos KK didn’t get a rematch. (I admit I’ve heard rumours of a KK heel turn on the net, I’m predicting it will happen now.) Winner: Beth Phoenix

@TheSupremeForce Prediction:
Beth needs to keep the title or they might as well scrap the entire angle and start over. Winner: Beth Phoenix

Winner: Beth Phoenix

Christian vs. Sheamus

Solace Prediction:
Has Christian really won any of his feuds since losing the title? Winner: Sheamus

@SirTweets_ALot Prediction:
I think that it is finally time for Christian to be buried, and done with this “One more match” fiasco. Sheamus will win, and I foresee Christian being either an Intercontinental or Tag Champ in the near future. Winner: Sheamus

@yawsrko Prediction:
Hmm. I typed Sheamus as the winner, then backspaced. Because Vickie can’t have 3 losses in her stable in the same PPV…BUT…it really doesn’t matter *who* gets the win, Christian or Sheamus, since it’s not like either *needs* to get over…hmm. I’ll say Christian if only to have a bigger, better, badder #FELLABRATION at the end of the PPV. Winner: Christian

@Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:
Not sure what they’re doing with Christian these days, but it seems as if Sheamus has been dominating most of this feud. Christian can certainly use the win here a lot more than Sheamus can at this point. Winner: Christian

@MarkBilly Prediction:
They’ve managed to build an interesting feud based on nothing but the fact they both didn’t have a feud! As I’m expecting a (probably not so) surprise return in another match that means the WHC will be tied up for at least another PPV I think this feud will keep going, therefore a Christian win is needed. Winner: Christian

@TheSupremeForce Prediction:
Christian seems to currently be the “filler heel” used to give wins to faces at ppv’s. They can’t do it to Jericho or Punk right now, so that leaves Christian and the Awesome Truth. Winner: Sheamus

Winner: Sheamus

R-Truth and The Miz vs. CM Punk and Triple H

Solace Prediction:
R-Truth and The Miz are great, but Punk and Triple H are not going to lose to them. Winner: CM Punk and Triple H

@SirTweets_ALot Prediction
If something important were on the line, Punk and HHH, but since it’s just a bunch of mad guys, Awesome Troof. Winner: R-Truth and The Miz

@yawsrko Prediction
Ugh….Punk and Hunter, because Hunter can’t swallow his ego enough to lose at a PPV, even though a PPV Payday is a guarantee for him. Not breaking Taker’s streak and ‘being returned to the roster full-time’ “requires” a Triple H win. To which, I boo, hiss and throw shit. Winner: CM Punk and Triple H

@Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:
This will hardly be a clean call, but I think this feud is going beyond this PPV. It should, and them stealing the win helps. Winner: R-Truth and The Miz

@MarkBilly Prediction:
I don’t see anything that would make a Punk/Trips win make sense. Which if anything should mean I go straight for a Punk/Trips win, however I’ll say the WWE will get this right. Nash will return, Michaels’ (who’ll undoubtedly feature in the PPV earlier on) music will hit but it’ll all be some kind of Laurinitis screw job and he won’t come out. Miz/Truth win. Winner: R-Truth and The Miz

@TheSupremeForce Prediction:
I only see the Awesome Truth winning if there’s a run in or Triple H turns on Punk. I’m guessing they don’t do that here, since I’m already predicting a run in during ADR/Cena. Therefore, I guess I have to go with Punk/HHH even though Miz/Truth are 8000 times better. I hope to be wrong here. Winner: CM Punk and Triple H

Winner: R-Truth and The Miz

Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton

Solace Prediction:
I want Cody to win, but Randy’s been beaten too many times recently. They can’t have one of their big names going down so many times in a row. Winner: Randy Orton

SirTweets_ALot Prediction:
If the match continues to be non-title, I think that Randy will win, but if the title is put on the line, Cody will win via dirty tactics. Winner: Randy Orton

@yawsrko Prediction:
In my heart, I want this to be Cody. I honestly don’t know. I know Randy’s wanting to work this program with Cody, so I’m hoping that Creative indulges him and allows Cody to go over. He doesn’t have to go over cleanly quite yet; just over. I would like to see this extend at least as long as Big Show and Mark Henry; I also wish Ted hadn’t been separated from Cody quite yet, because Legacy still has a lot of story they could be telling. But we’ll go with Cody via a DQ or dirty win as my prediction. Winner: Cody Rhodes

@Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:
Hardest call really, but I think they’re going to make Cody a main event guy with this feud. I see him getting the win here, though I highly doubt we’re seeing a Cross Rhodes and three count and a clean win for Cody this time around. Winner: Cody Rhodes

@MarkBilly Prediction:
Rhodes has been awesome since February and his feud with Mysterio, bringing back the classic IC title is a nice touch. The IC title means something again… but it’s not for the title, so I see Orton winning and going for the title later. Plus I doubt I’d see the day Orton loses 3 PPV matches in a row! Winner: Randy Orton

@TheSupremeForce Prediction:
I imagine that Cody’s going to put a good fight but eat an RKO at the end. I hope the feud continues, but I don’t see Orton losing at three ppv’s in a row. Winner: Randy Orton

Winner: Randy Orton

Mark Henry vs. Big Show

Solace Prediction:
Big Show made his triumphant return and now is out to get the man who took him out of the competition for awhile. Unfortunately, Big Show started this fight to begin with. I love Big Show, but I’m going with: Winner: Mark Henry

@SirTweets_ALot Prediction
Mark Henry. He’s a steamroller, and I don’t foresee them taking his title away before Royal Rumble 2012. Winner: Mark Henry

@yawsrko Prediction
Too soon to kill the Monster Heel Which Is Mark Henry’s Character quite yet. Otherwise, it would cheapen Randy’s character. This Big Show/Mark Henry will probably go at least 1, possibly 2 more PPVs. Then Big Show will ‘discover the secret’ of how to beat Mark …or whatever the hell. Winner: Mark Henry

@Paradise_Lost12 Prediction
I really don’t see the title going on Big Show at this point, too much work in building Henry up as a monster for him to fail now. I don’t know if it’s going to be a clean ending, as I can see this going through the next pay-per-view. But I think Henry is going to win. Winner: Mark Henry

@MarkBilly Prediction:
I’ve never liked or disliked Henry during his career, neither been impressed or depressed by his work… until now. I’ve still not developed any emotion towards him but I think he’s been on top of his game. I reckon he’ll retain his title… with a win. Go to crock Show again and Kane returns to stop him (and feud with him next, hence Sheamus/Christian feud continues). Winner: Mark Henry

@TheSupremeForce Prediction:
Henry retains. Probably not cleanly. I think the Henry/BS feud has been kind of stupid and backwards. Does that count? I hate the WWE’s standard approach to booking feuds like this. Big Show assaults Henry for no reason, but Henry is somehow the “bad guy” for retaliating. They did the same thing with Cena/ADR. Winner: Mark Henry

Winner: No Call

As the match ended with both Mark Henry and Big Show unable to continue I’ve decided to be nice and not include this match in the percentages for predictions. Personally, I enjoyed watching the ring fall even as it was being predicted on twitter.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

Solace Prediction:
I guessed Cena last time, and was wrong. I want to vote Cena again because are they really going to let him not win the title back two pay-per-views in a row? However, I’m going with they will. They will be in San Antonio Texas hot off their tour of Mexico. Don’t undermine the man with the smile and accent. Winner: Alberto Del Rio.

@SirTweets_a lot Prediction:
ADR, for two reasons. I think WWE is finally realizing that the title changes hands too often. Secondly, Survivor Series is coming up soon And I don’t think Cena is gonna have the title when he teams with The Jabroni-beating, pie-eating People’s Champ, THE ROCK. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

@yawsrko Prediction
Del RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrio. Why? Because I like rolling the R’s. No, lol, because I think it’s too soon to put the belt back on Cena. We all know he’ll be going into WM28 as champ, at least give us *something* different for right now. And Del Rio’s doing a decent job carrying the belt, so there’s no need for him to drop it quite yet. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

@Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:
I have a hard time not seeing the belt on the line at SS, and they already confirmed Cena/Rock teaming. So ADR keeps the belt. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

@MarkBilly Prediction:
This is the hardest to call. I don’t see a way ADR can keep Cena down for 10 clean, don’t see a screw that will keep Cena down for 10. Ricardo Rodriguez does a good job of screwing opponents out of matches but that’s for a close 3, how will that work for 10?
Cena winning also gives WWE the chance to have the WWE title in everything when the Rock shows up. (They made a lot of Miz doing this and the Jackman punch on Ziggler, why not do it bigger than ever before?) However I don’t see why Cena actually needs to be champion (except for that one picture). So I can’t see ADR winning, only a flaky reason for Cena winning… I’ll go for Cena on the basis that they will happily chuck the title around by having that one photo then handing it on to someone else! Winner: John Cena

@TheSupremeForce Prediction:
ADR wins. This is probably the match featuring a run in. Cena can’t be Champion right now, but they’re not going to have him just lose a Last Man Standing Match. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

This pay-per-view proved to be much less predictable than the last one. Here’s how predictions went, minus the Mark Henry/Big Show predictions:

Solace – 71%
SirTweets_ALot – 71%
TheSupremeForce – 71%
Paradise_Lost12 – 42%
MarkBilly – 42%
Yawsrko – 28%

So how did you do?

Superstars 10/20/11

Every week I come out with the top 4 reasons to watch the lesser known shows. Last week for Superstars I could only come up with three. This week I’m not even going to bother. This was the week where I was with the rest of the crowds understanding what is chasing people away from watching this show.

We start off the show with Jinder Mahal and Ted Dibiase. Even the piped in sounds don’t bother trying to be enthusiastic. Jack Korpela tries to save this match by showing his usual enthusiasm that only Korpela can muster every week. His enthusiasm might not be on par with my favorite commentator’s, but he tries every week to tell the story in the ring.

I can honestly say I’m not sure if Matt Striker is bored with the match in front of him or just told he has to mention the pay-per-view X amount of times during the match. Listening to Striker is a recap of Raw and a preview to the pay-per-view. While Striker is excellent when calling a match I don’t need the recap. The people who watch Superstars have watched Raw. And likely NXT. And will watch Smackdown. And the pay-per-view. These are the die-hard fans. Give them more of what they want.

After a match that I could not get motivated for we switch to the Raw portion of the evening which brings out Santino vs. Heath Slater. This match is to be Slater’s embarrassment before he is suspended because for some reason all of the wrestlers that are suspended need their embarrassment before going off screen. What better way to embarrass a man than letting him lose to Santino? Except Santino is incredibly popular, even if his new coif of hair is a little disturbing. This was probably my favorite match of the night and the one that our announcers for Raw (Scott Stanford and Josh Mathews) seemed to appreciate the most.

The last match of the evening is Air Boom (Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in case you stopped watching WWE in the last few weeks) vs. Drew McIntyre and Michael McGuillicutty. You already know who is going to lose because, honestly, when was the last time Drew didn’t lose? This match could not hold my interest. I kept straining to hear the commentary in hopes that it would save the match and even Mathews and Stanford’s play at animosity could not save it. The two of them seemed as bored as I was feeling. This can’t possibly be a good sign.

Perhaps I am reading too much into it? I listen to Stanford’s commentary every week, three or four times. I pick out his best lines of the night. I make comments on the clothing he wears. I take screen caps of the man! So why did I feel like neither he nor Mathews wanted to be calling this last match?

WWE had future endeavored Superstars from only to turn around and bring it back two weeks later. Once they brought it back they only seemed to make the show progressively worse. Once again they seem to be anti-themselves. They were going to show it on the WWE Network, we would get it then. Then they turn around and bring it back and make it a more sub-par imitation of itself. Is this supposed to be what whets our appetites and makes us salivate for more? They are lucky they have Stanford or I might decide I have something better to do Thursday nights.

Best part of the evening was this exchange between Mathews and Stanford:
“One too many chimichangas for me, but other than that I’ve been having a ball.” “I spent the week trying to avoid hanging out with you.” “I noticed, I called you a few times.” “My phone doesn’t work down here.” “Very convenient.”

Other memorable Stanford quotes this episode:
“By the way, I really love the word chimichanga so is it all right if I just throw it in a few times?”

“Senoritas and margaritas.”

“Santino, staying alive once again.”

“Hook of the leg, no! Still can’t get to three.”

About Slater: “It’s amazing that he hangs out with Axle Rose. I used to love Journey.” Josh’s snort in retaliation to this tickled me pink. “Nah, I’m kidding, you kidding? Guns N’ Roses one of my favorites. Don’t stop believing, my friend.”

“That’s gotta do it!”

Top 4 Reasons to Watch NXT 10/19/11

“Marks, get set-” – Matt Striker opening up a challenge. I swear he said “marks”.

This weeks Top 4 is kind of jumbled together, but for good reasons. The stories and segments ended up flowing very well together. So first I give you the Top 4:

4. Tyler Reks vs. Yoshi Tatsu
3. Kaitlyn and AJ
2. Maxine
1. Derrick Bateman

Now the reasons why it’s hard to separate these:

Number 4 isn’t as hard to separate. Tyler Reks comes out in his wrestling garb with Curt Hawkins who is sporting a cane that is stylish with his overall look. I am now wishing Curt Hawkins would just adapt the cane to be a permanent part of his look.

Tyler Reks says that as long as he is wrestling solo he will be taking out his aggression for Hawkins’ injuries during his matches. In comes Yoshi Tatsu, who needs new entrance music to go with this darker look. Tatsu is sans face paint again this week, which is a shame because even though it wipes off by the end of every match it is symbolic of him. Unless he wants to start wrestling in that mask he better bring back the face paint.

Tyler Reks is a surprisingly solid speaker for a man who looks like a surfing caveman. That is in no way an insult, I’m a fan of Reks, it’s just you come to certain expectations and when they are blown away it makes a person an even bigger fan.

Reks and Tatsu put on a solid match and look good fighting one another. This match alone could have been a reason to tune in to NXT, but then you have:

Number 3. Kaitlyn tells AJ she will get vengeance for her against Maxine and Maxine’s evil ways. Kaitlyn is still not as comfortable on the mic as she could be but she has grown since she began on NXT during season 3. Seeing her again and about to fight Maxine again had me taking notice, if just because their season 3 match was likely the worst match I had seen from two divas in a long while. This match was far beyond that match! Leading us to:

Number 2. Maxine loses her match to Kaitlyn when Kaitlyn smacks a submission on her that has me cringing just thinking about it. Despite this loss Maxine shines in character. She is Bateman’s partner, lover, and is a general upstart that despite being called “fish lips” shows she has skill and sex appeal. Maxine makes small appearances during Derrick’s bits on the show and has more personality than most divas would dare to show. Of course Maxine leads us right into:

Number 1. Derrick Bateman. It’s not secret I’ve become a huge Bateman mark since he returned to NXT Season 5, but this episode gives him the chance to show everyone else what I already saw in him. Personality: check. Skill: check. Timing: check.

Bateman starts off the show in a challenge. Oh no, Striker brought back the challenges? Only sort of as Bateman never really takes it seriously and gets himself disqualified, only to find himself having to face Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson in a tag match. But he’s left to find his own tag partner. He ends up finding that partner in JTG in a segment that had me rewinding to watch again. During this segment he talks to Kidd, Maxine, and then finally ends up with JTG. During all of it, and even through his loss, it’s hard to take your eyes off of Derrick Bateman.

Despite all of these reasons you are still refusing to watch NXT? Shame on you.

PG Era

On twitter one of the constant things I see is people saying that the PG rating has ruined everything. To me it sounds like a reason for people to complain because the can not see exactly what they want on their screen.

As I’ve stated before, I have a short-term memory when it comes to wrestling. I may not in everything else, but if it happened over a year and a half ago in wrestling I tend to wash it away. There is no point in dwelling in the past because the present will never be the past. If I do remember it that means it was either epic or it is something I’ve seen repeated within a year.

I will never be that person who says, “The Attitude Era was so much better,” because it’s over. It is time to appreciate what you have in front of you. What has PG really changed that is so bad? Does PG really effect the storylines? Should they not be able to stand on their own without a rating? Sure, some of the stories lately have been bad, but is that a fault of PG or is that a fault of the writers?

PG means less blatant sexual innuendoes. There is still sexual content, Kelly Kelly barely wears anything when she goes out to wrestle and Aksana is pretty much propositioning Teddy Long. Even on NXT Derrick Bateman and Maxine are kissing on a regular basis in which he usually reacts like he could be dragging her to the mat for reasons more fun than wrestling O’Neil for the twelfth time.

PG means less swearing. Steve Austin ends up being bleeped during Wrestlemania and people are a little shocked when Young calls McCool and Layla, “bitches and sluts”. That is a good thing. People should be shocked to hear it, not because the words themselves are as offensive as they once were but so it doesn’t number people to hearing the same thing every week. Having Cena bleeped as he calls people “douche bags” is entertaining enough. The young ones might not know what he said and the older ones can laugh because, “Oh My God did he just say that?”

So what do others think when it comes to the PG era?


Yeah, I think it does make an impact on the quality…by no longer catering and appealing to the lowest common denominator. By this, every time I see someone scream that they “WANT THE ATTITUDE ERA BACK!”, it’s because they’re missing profanity and partial nudity and not the stories. I don’t care -what- they say otherwise. I also find it funny that in the IWC, many who want the Attitude Era back weren’t even *alive* for it the first time around. Or if they were, they were in diapers. Hey, kids..just because you think it looks “cool” on YouTube doesn’t mean it was great the first time around. Sincerely, Somebody Who Was There And Unimpressed. P.S. I don’t think pools of blood are required either. Look at Ric Flair these days. Look at him cross-eyed and he’ll bleed. Besides obvious risks that bleeding/being in contact w/somebody else’s blood has, that health-wise, we’re more educated about nowadays (simply look at the RKO/Taker angle from ’06, I think it was. Cowboy Bob bled on both of them and he carries hepatitis)..there’s no need to blade anymore. Blading has gone the way of 8-track tape players and big, heavy TVs w/tubes. The industry as a whole has evolved. And that’s not a bad thing.


PG or not PG?
It doesn’t make much of a difference. Sure, there’s less blood and less profanity, and divas like Kelly Kelly can’t earn a living as a broom-shaped stripper, but those differences have little to do with the successes and failures of the current product.

Blood is overrated. Seeing it all the time results in becoming desensitized to it. Look at how big of a deal Cody’s recent bloodbath became due solely to it not happening in a long time. That’s the way it should be. I’m not anti-blood exactly, but it means more if it’s saved for big moments (as opposed to the way Flair uses it, ie after a sneeze).

Crude jokes were rarely funny anyway. Rampant homophobia needed to be cut out of the product, especially once the WWE started pretending to give a flying crap about issues like bullying.

Obnoxious diva matches featuring pudding or spanking weren’t really the answer either. Of course, the division really isn’t that much better these days, but at least it’s not constantly degrading toward women (emphasis on constantly).

The WWE has its share of problems, some of them major, but being PG is not one of them. The people running around crying about the injustices of a PG product are either naïve or complete idiots. Didn’t the WWE go PG before the much beloved and constantly overrated “Attitude Era” even ended?

Look at it this way. At least Kelly Kelly isn’t taking off her clothing for the enjoyment of six year olds anymore.


WWE’s PG rating, it’s something that has gotten an awful lot of criticism over the years, and some have made the bold claim that it’s even ruined the WWE product. A lot of people want the Attitude Era back, they want the edginess and that same spark. These however, are likely the same people that condemn any company or performer that does something that has already been done. What made the Attitude Era great was that it was new, it was different and it was giving us something we had never seen before. It was never going to last forever, it had to run its course eventually and when it did, it left the WWE with an aged fan-base, many of which turned away when guys like The Rock and Steve Austin walked away from wrestling for their own reasons. So WWE had to do something to draw in new viewers, and they opted to market themselves to a younger fan base. Now WWE is a company first and foremost, and marketing themselves in that way was a good move, because those kids? They’re hooked on guys like Cena and Orton, and they’re going to stay interested for a long time, and watching wrestling as a kid? It’s hardly as odd as someone older watching pro wrestling, for whatever reason there seems to be this standpoint that you have to outgrow it after awhile. When you look at the crowd though, yes there are several children and families, but it doesn’t mean that they’ve shunned their older fans away. Has the PG rating changed their content? Of course, you look at what was done before the PG rating and now, there’s several things that have changed. Has it changed drastically? I don’t think it has, in fact the difference between PG and PG-14 is all in the wording.

The TV-PG rating may be accompanied by one or more of the following sub-ratings:
D for some suggestive dialogue
L for infrequent coarse language
S for some sexual situations
V for moderate violence

Parents are strongly urged to exercise greater care in monitoring this program and are cautioned against letting children under 14 watch unattended. This rating may be accompanied by any of the following sub-ratings:
D for strong suggestive dialogue
L for strong coarse language
S for intense sexual situations
V for intense violence

Oh, Wikipedia is awesome, took me no time at all to look that up. Now the dialogue has changed, but lets face it we still get our dose of corny innuendo from Cena, it’s just toned down from what a guy like the Rock could get away with. Well lets face it, the Rock can still get away with it. Other than that, has the dialogue really changed that much, that we can say it’s really hurt the business? Especially after CM Punk’s shoot promo a few months back, there may not have been anything suggestive, but it was hardly the kind of rant we’re used to hearing on WWE programming. It’s that reason that I think the PG rating has actually helped the business, because now when something like that happens? It actually means something, it actually comes as a surprise rather than when WWE was trying to push the boundaries every week. Toning down the product lets those kind of moments shine brighter, if Punk’s rant happened in the Attitude Era, it wouldn’t have gotten the response it did, CM Punk wouldn’t have been the hottest thing going in the business last Summer. I think that’s an aspect of things people don’t look at, and they feel  as if they should deliver that every week, but WWE simply can’t do that every week. After a couple of months, it would lose that edge, what made it exciting would be gone and you’d be back to craving something different. Tying into dialogue is the second aspect of what makes PG different from PG-14, coarse language. Alright, this I feel makes no major difference in the product overall. We can all tell what word should go where, but they’ve gotta stick to the guidelines, and does it really make a difference? Seriously, what words even get left out? Ron Simmons said “Damn” every week, we hear “Ass” every time Mark Henry comes down to the ring, we get a very clear “Bitch” when Triple H comes to the ring. Yes the last two are in theme songs, but they aren’t exactly hidden, and those words have been used in promos, but I don’t recall promos word for word and couldn’t tell you the last time they were said by a competitor or announcer. So really, what words are we missing from our dialogue? I can think of one or two, but they’re words that I don’t even think saw much, if any, light in the PG-14 days, so once again what have we really lost here? In my opinion not much.

Sexual situations, alright now there is a notable lack of these in the business these days, but does it leave a hollow hole in the product? I don’t think so, in fact it seems as if the on air relationships have really taken a backseat the last year or so, Edge and Vicki being the last one I remember and even then there was a suggestive bit with a wedding planner or something, wasn’t there? Edge also gave us the live sex celebration, WWE was PG when that happened right? I think so, if I remember it, it couldn’t have been that long ago. Then again, Lita was involved and severely lacked clothing, so that might be why the memory has stuck around. Anyway, got sidetracked there for a moment, but no one can deny the lack of sexual situations involved in pro wrestling. They certainly haven’t stayed away from keeping sex appeal in the Diva’s division, I mean if Kelly Kelly wore any less clothing she’d be wrestling naked, you’ve got cleavage left right and center, the Bella’s do their little dance on the stage, there is almost always some form of spanking in a Diva’s match. For the ladies, you have John Morrison, that is your sex appeal, they don’t just play to us. Oh and you have Cody Rhodes, the man is dashing after all. Alright, I’ve managed to name drop Cody Rhodes, I feel accomplished now. Anyway, sexual situations are lacking in WWE these days, but it’s far from being pure, wholesome entertainment in that regard as well. Edge kept it alive for awhile, but lets face it there aren’t really any characters that fit those sorts of actions right now. I also just remembered a little bit of interaction with the Bella’s and Del Rio from a few weeks ago, that was mildly suggestive for a like, a minute long segment. Huh, maybe there is a character after all.

Wait, did I just compare Del Rio to Edge? If I did, I might need to kill myself.

And the final aspect of this is the violence, and perhaps the only one that actually bothers me about the PG Rating. Now, the chair shots to the head ban is part of the Benoit fallout, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss them. But the lack of blood? That is thanks to the PG rating, now I don’t think people should bleed every match or anything like that, but at the same time, I always thought blood added to the story of the match. Imagine something like Cena and Umaga’s match without the restriction on blood, Umaga could have looked like more of a monster, Cena’s win would have been more impressive because it would have just been another thing for him to overcome in the end. It takes away from matches at times, I’m really glad they seem to have dropped the idea of stopping the match to patch a person up on the outside. I know they did that once and I wanna say it was a ECW Title match between Christian and Benjamin, and it was stupid, even more-so because it was a ladder match and there was nothing really stopping the guy from going up and just grabbing the title. I think one day, we’re going to reach a point where WWE might be willing to add blood to matches very sparingly, because once again if we’re not seeing it in excess, when it does happen? It’s going to mean something. I’d love to see someone like Henry go out and absolutely destroy someone and leave them a bloody mess in the ring, it would add to his reputation. Then of course we get situations like we did on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago, where they found every camera angle possible to hide the fact Cody Rhodes was bleeding, but made no attempt to hide the stitched up wound and have even used it to fuel his feud with Orton. It’s as if WWE wants to add that element back into their product, but are hesitant in doing so because of the possible backlash from angry parents. Well we’re in a generation where 12 year olds are playing GTA, watching Saw movies and all those other glorious gory films. I don’t think a little bit of blood in your matches is really going to make a huge difference in what people think of your product, now if they can HAVE blood under the PG rating I’m not sure. Orton manages to find ways to bleed now and then and they don’t cut away from that, so perhaps it just can’t be in excessive amounts. Even looking beyond the blood aspect of things, the No-DQ and Last Man Standing matches aren’t what they once were, they aren’t bad by any means, but the range of weapons has certainly changed and there’s a notable lack of your average household items being used these days. I guess they don’t want Little Jimmy cracking Little Jenny with that cookie sheet sitting in the kitchen drawer. Oh and lets not forget the ending to Hell in a Cell, it wasn’t the most violent thing we’ve ever seen, but it got your attention, it made you stop and actually watch because Miz and Truth basically destroyed everyone in sight. They used weapons, it was still PG but I at least, still found it entertaining.

Looking at the four points of what makes PG and PG-14 what they are, the differences are there, they have to be notable to some extent for the rating to change at all. I don’t think it’s bad for business, I actually think what they’ve done is working for them. Does the company have room to grow? Are there things I’d like to see them do differently? Yes and yes. However when I sit down to watch Raw, or a PPV, I don’t expect to be disappointed. In fact, I’d say more often than not I’ve been very happy with what they’ve done recently. WWE is making money off their merchandise, the fan base may not be what they catered to years ago, but it’s making them money. They get to sell a bunch of action figures, various things that lets face it, no adult would buy for themselves. Those people that hate on the PG era, the people that want that spark back need to accept that it’s not coming back. If you watch their product with an open mind, it’s not bad and you can appreciate that while the company has changed the way it works, they’ve found a way to produce a solid product. So no, I don’t think the move to PG has hurt WWE at all. Any time they find themselves suffering in ratings or buy rates, I think it’s their booking, when they reach those points where the main event is just something we’ve seen so many times in the past. Like seriously, do you think people wanted to watch Christian vs Orton five or six times in a row? I like Christian, but even I wanted him out of the title picture by the third match. It’s  not what their rating is, it’s what they do with their product within that rating that matters. WWE has proven they can do some very entertaining stuff while keeping PG, they’ve shown a willingness to appeal to everyone and bring back some of that old spark. If you look at their roster, they’ve got people that appeal to older fans, and guys that appeal to younger fans. They try to keep as many people happy as they can, naturally not everyone can be happy with every move they make, but they do what they can. So yes, PG does change the elements of WWE to an extent, but I don’t think it hurts the overall product greatly in the end, and I’m not one of the ones pushing them to go back to PG-14.