The Winners, and Loser, of the Royal Rumble 2014 Prediction Contest

Thanks everyone for joining for one last prediction contest. I don’t know what I’m going to do next PPV. Sadly, the answer might be not watch. Interest is dwindling, people are bored, I’ve been bored. I know there are great ideas in the WWE, but they won’t let them shine through. And then they give us matches like … tonight. Really? Orton/Cena is all they can come up with? I’m a huge fan of Orton, and I’m tired of it! There are too many men on the roster doing nothing and too many of the same men doing the same thing. This is why the unification ended up being a bad thing.

But this isn’t about my opinions on the dwindling product. This is about winners, and losers.

The winners. There were three people who came out on top with a perfect score. To them go the first spoils.

To the big winner… @_Wheaties, he gets the package from @WrestleSubtitle, which is $75 WWE Shop Gift certificate and WWE 2k14.

To the runner up… @TheSilentSavior, he gets the package from @MarkBilly, a Mick Foley autographed Hardcore Diaries!

And the third place winner… @thagr8short1… he gets the set of Rumbler toys I’ve been accumulating for the kids of his that pick every month, and finally landed the correct predictions on the last go!

The loser, and therefore winner, of the Jabroni Jobber prize is… @sallen_87! You tried, but this month just didn’t want to give you a win! @Andrewthemark has some action figures to make you feel better!

Now there’s quite a few other things to give away, and for that I kind of pulled names out of the hat.

First, well I’ll publicly admit, I did this for him because he’s done so much for me. So from one person who has done quite a bit to me to another… The Brooklyn Brawler autograph goes to @VrySrsBsns!

The winner of the DDP Yoga shirt is the biggest DDP Yoga fan on my timeline, and someone who found us through him, @TennCrusher! Thanks for entering!

The Scott Stanford autograph (YAY!) goes to @shawndecker. Thanks to him the predictions became what they were. He came up with prizes, he came up with… a lot of what we did, and he wasn’t going home empty handed even if his predictions were… not so great. Thank you Shawn, you’ll always be an inspiration.

And last, but definitely not least, the Ascension autographs. Those go to @AyYoAlo! Congrats on your win!

Everyone, please contact me starting Tuesday (TUESDAY) and we will work out your winnings! Otherwise, thanks everyone!


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  1. Hi. This is going to sound reeeeeeally weird I bet, but I figure this is the only way I know of to reach you.

    You wrote a story ~9 years ago that I have grown very attached to ever since way back then and still reread to this day. The one about Grant and Kayla. I was wondering if you ever thought about continuing it or writing more in that vein…? Your stories are what honestly fueled that interest for me from way back in my late middle school years, so I suppose I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask if you ever planned on writing more about them.

    I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one who’d be happy you did. Let me know. And again, sorry this is so out of nowhere and possibly seemingly creepy. :c

    • It is out of nowhere! And sorry it took so long for a reply. But no, I definitely will never be writing about them again. Their story is finished. Thanks for your interest!

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