The Winners, and Loser, of the Survivor Series 2013 Prediction Contest

Here it is, what you came for! It was a long night, especially since most of the matches were kind of dull, or maybe I’m just overly tired. Either way, it’s over, but we do have some prizes to give away.

First, to our jobber. To the man who had 1 match correct, and no tie-breakers, @juicypatlucey! Please see @NevadaWolfe for your prize!

Then, to our JACKPOT winner! That would be @aPsychoSoldier for getting all of the matches correct, though he didn’t win the grand prize because his tie-breakers weren’t quite there (but you did win $5!).

The winner, with the best tie-breakers out of the 12 remaining people who had the perfect match combination… @VinceMcMinistry! Congratulations! Please see @NickGator about your prize!

Next month… I don’t even know what I have a couple of things lined up and looking for more, and for the Royal Rumble we have something big again! Congratulations to the winners, and lose, and see you at TLC!

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