Congratulations to the Hell in a Cell Winners, and Loser

Like I said, if there were quite a few of you who won I was going to split up the great prizes. There were NINETEEN people who came up 5/5 (for the record, they all had the same prediction for the canceled pre-show match as well). But I’ll get to that last.

First, our JOBBER! There were two great people who came in last, @karnuj and @FandangoMark, but only one of them did exceedingly  horrible in their tie-breakers. For that, @FandangoMark, you are the proud owner of a Hornswoggle action figure! Please contact @bwilli27 with your information so you may claim your prize!

Next, for the jackpot, which was only $5 this month, but that was $4 that someone didn’t have before, the prize goes to @allnewtpir! Good job!

Last, out of nineteen people I was most impressed with @notoriouseddie, who was only 4 seconds off from the match time of the Orton/Bryan match.  4 seconds! For that you get the first prize from @BrothaCheese, the very nifty engraved ring! Please DM him your information!

Following him, and only off by about 10 seconds from that, were both @RegalSays and @TheSupremeForce. Splitting it up, @RegalSays you get the awesome shirt from @Podswoggle, please dm them your information and choice, and @TheSupremeForce wins the prize from @ImAMelFo! 

Great job everyone, and see you next month for Survivor Series! 

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