Night of Champions Prediction Winners (and Loser)!

It’s that time again, and after a LOT of work (stupid programs not working right) it’s time to announce the winners… and the loser.

There were 7 people with a low score of 1/6, but only one person could walk away with the Jabroni Jobber this month, and it was: @Another_Eme! I adore you, lady, but I’m sorry, you are our loser this month with some pretty bad tie-breakers to boot. Please DM @WWEThatsNotPG with your info so he can send you your prize!

Next, the Jackpot winner! This was a new thing, and only 19 people entered. With fees taken out, the jackpot total ended up being $12. The highest score for 5 of those people was 4/6 and with the best tie-breakers was… @RoSpotNick! Yays and stuff! Good job. I’ll Paypal it to you nev– soon.

@RoSpotNick has gracefully declined his jackpot winnings and @MzBiracialAngel came in second, so SHE gets the winnings! Good job!

Last, the winner. Because there has to be a winner! 5/6 ended up being the best score of the night with 9 people getting it. Only 2 people guessed Natalya would take the pin/submission, and one of those was pretty darn close to the second tie breaker (time length of the Tag Team Turmoil Match). The winner, and new champion, @BeeOhBeeRT_R! Great job, please DM @WWEThatsNotPG with what shirt you want from which site and all of the fun info that needs to go with it!

THANK YOU @WWEThatsNotPG for being a sponsor this month! Next month we have @Podswoggle and @ImAMelFo with a few things for us to giveaway!

See you all next month for … that other PPV. Ugh. I mean, YAY!

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