Money in the Bank Winners, and Losers

Thanks everyone, as usual, for playing! It was great night for winners and losers.

First, for the Jabroni Jobber prize. I know quite a few people wanted it, 8 people ended up 0/8 this month, but only one person walked away with it, and it’s the person who didn’t get a darn thing correct in the tie-breakers: @JayTheBrainMann. Congratulations, Jay, I know you are excited to “win” the Buff Bagwell card from @JuicyPatLucey! I know he really wanted it, so congratulations. DM me with your address so I may send it out to you!

Next, for the major winner of the night! It came down to @RichCami of Podswoggle and @StraightEdge_CR. The tie was broken with the first tie-breaker, with the correct guess of Cody Rhodes being the second-to-last person to go after that briefcase. Congratulations @StraightEdge_CR! Please DM @WrestlingRRadio for further information on your prize!

You’ll also get nifty JPEG titles for bragging rights for the next month!

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