WWE Payback 2013 Winner, and Loser, of the Night!

Oh what a night! And what a tale we have to tell. Let’s start with the Jabroni Jobber. We had two people who had 1/8 matches correct, but one person did slightly worse than the other. So congratulations to #176, first time player @BravestPAPaya. Make sure to dm me or email me your info so I can have @AmIOnTheAir send your prize your way!

Now to talk the grand prize winner. This PPV proved to be terribly predictable, and yet not with that Del Rio swerve, which kept a good number of you in the running. 63 of you to be exact. This brought us to tie-breaker 1.

Tie-Breaker 1 was the match order that Ryback vs. Cena would win in. It was officially Ryback, Cena, Cena. So anyone who guessed Cena, Ryback, Ryback has been eliminated. This brought us down to 28 people.

Next up is tie-breaker 2, which was which finishing move would win the match OR how would the match be won. If you called the finishing move, you were given 2 points, if you only called how it was won, you had 1. However, not one person called the finishing move, which was the Blackout, which left only the people who predicted “pin” to win. That left me with 7 people.

Next! Tie-breaker 3: this is who would get pinned for the Curtis Axel vs. Wade Barrett vs. Miz match. All 7 people guessed Miz, which was wrong, so they all just move on to Tie-breaker 4.

Tie-breaker 4 was the length of the diva’s match. The length was 9:57. This means, drumroll please, the closest prediction was: @Rotten2tha_core with a prediction of 8:00!!! Great job! Please DM me or email me your info so we can make sure to get your prize out to you!

Thanks again to Future Endeavors and Am I On The Air for being a sponsor this month! We will, as always, see you next month

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