Winner, and Loser, of the Wrestlemania 29 Prediction Contest

Someone’s going to…

Wrestlemania XXXIt was close. No one had what turned out to be 9 matches instead of 10 correct. The highest scores were  8/9 and there were 16 people who made it that far. 2 people were immediately disqualified for not following the people they were supposed to for eligibility. This brought it down to 14 people in competition. The first tie-breaker knocked everyone but 3 people out of the water. Those three people, @_Kidincredible, @KillScottKill, and @nevadawolfe went head-to-head. We skipped the shortest match tie-breaker since they cut out what everyone pretty much predicted would be the shortest match. All 3 people guessed the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar match would be won by pinfall. @Nevadawolfe was knocked out by title change predictions, but @_Kidincredible and @KillScottKill held on. It came down to who was closest on the Undertaker’s entrance. So your winner, new champion, and the man who is going to Wrestlemania XXX is…


The men of Future Endeavors will be in contact with you. Thanks to EVERYONE who joined, it was a lot of fun. I can guarantee next month the prize won’t be nearly as spectacular, we’re probably going back to T-shirts, but you are all welcome back for the spirit of the competition!

Now, for our loser of the night. We had a couple of people who had their lowest score come out as 2/9. However, when it came to tie-breakers, the person who did the, um, worst would be @stateofthelinds! Congratulations on “winning” yourself a Sheamus Slammer! I’ll get your info from you soon!

Sheamus SlammerSee you all again next PPV!!


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  1. Kevin Hellions

    HA! Yay for the jobber of the night winner! And yay for Solace and all the hard work this was.

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