Elimination Chamber 2013 Winners

A rough night, and unfortunately my bad track keeping nearly gave this a tie at the end, but in the end of things only ONE PERSON was 7/7. That lucky person was @Stifmeister3000. He called it all. Since everyone else went to 6/7 it came down to tie-breakers, and then a lot of creative shenanigans, but our second place prize goes to @JayTheBrainMann. @Stifmeister please dm me your address so we can send you the autograph. Jay, please dm me your choice in T-shirt from @TTOFS, the size you need, and your address so we can get that sent out to you! Congrats to you both!

This also means my darling and sweet beautiful lady @MsSuperVillain “wins” The Shield T-shirt from @FutureEndeavors. Please DM me your size and address so I can get the information over to them for your prize! There were many who failed this round, but unfortunately, or fortunately, for her she failed the worst!

Thanks everyone for joining in and I’ll see you in April for Wrestlemania! Where our prize has still yet to be chosen!

Thanks to Derrick Bateman, Sunset Flip Photography, Try This On For Size and Future Endeavors for continually being supportive and making these predictions more than we ever thought they would be.

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  1. I’m totally surprised. In the good way! Thank god WWE decided to have Swagger win…

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