Top 4 of Superstars 1/17/13

God dammit.

4. Matt Striker

Because, why the Hell not?

3. Zack Ryder vs. JTG

This match lasted a whopping 3:13 and did little for either guy. But they still went out there and tried. The commentary sucked. God, Dawson, I hate you, and did little to really elevate the men. Pointing out JTG competes “sometimes” didn’t really help him in any way or the interest for the audience.

2. Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty

Hey! Something decent about this show! I’m not even a big fan of Kingston, but it was still a good match. Kingston knew he wasn’t hitting Trouble in Paradise at one point, and it was obvious in the way he pulled the kick, but otherwise good flow. There were dead spots but it wasn’t overly filled with rest holds. The aggression on McGillicutty’s face helped fill the spots where Kingston was laying there in wait.

1. Scott Stanford

Screw you, I don’t care he wasn’t on the show. This is Scott’s place and Tony Dawson doesn’t deserve it. Yes I’m biased, but I’m biased because Stanford has always been my favorite commentator since he first showed up on Superstars. There is a reason I’m behind him 100% and it’s not because he follows me on Twitter. The man deserves his spot back instead of making me listen to Tony Dawson on not only Superstars, but NXT. What’s the reasoning? They never gave Scott a chance, or even tried to pretend they were going to do anything with him, and now they take him off? What, they think he’s gotten stale? Screw you, WWE, Scott remains my #1.

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