Top 4 of NXT 1/17/13

It’d be unfair for me to try to sneak Scott Stanford on again as he announces the match cards for NXT this week. But I would like to point out that his is the best announcer voice you’ll hear during this episode. We all love William Regal, but he seems less and less interested as of late and then he’s stuck with Tony “For the Win” Dawson. If I heard, “For the win,” one more time I was going to personally fly to the next show he’d be at and shove his mic down his throat only to drag it back out again so he could suck on it.

I’m not bitter.

4. Trent Barreta vs. Leo Kruger

This is Trent Barreta’s last match. Why was it bad? Leo Kruger and Barreta are both excellent in the ring. This match left a lot to be desired. I’ve never been bored by a match with either of these two men. This one left me yawning. It was like they saved their energy through six minutes of the eight minutes allotted so they could have one spot, ONE SPOT, and then Ohno helps out, Kruger wins, ref reverses his decision, Barreta wins! I’m sorry Trenty, I love you, but I wish you could have gone out with more of a bang instead of a whimper.

3. Big E. Langston vs. Camacho

The match last 1:18. It wasn’t that spectacular really and Big E continued with his need to hold someone down for a 5 count. Let me rant about the 5 count for one moment here. Why doesn’t the ref just know to count to 5? Why is it a 3 count? Then a slam. Then a 5 count? JUST COUNT TO 5! It makes more sense! This is more like a 3 count, plus a move, plus a 5 count. It’s an 8 count! Anyway, Camacho comes out and delivers his hilariously bad stereo-typical Mexican lines, and I always laugh. I enjoy Camacho, maybe it’s because he’s so uncomfortable in his character, but I still like listening to him and smile when I see him. I even “Yay”ed when he came out, as I was reminded of after the match.

2. Adrian Neville vs. Sakamoto

They found a great opponent for Neville’s debut in Sakamoto. Most people who have only seen him as Tensai’s bitch won’t know he’s actually a pretty darn good wrestler. But he’s Japanese and that always holds them back. (Sorry WWE, you are racist). Most are excited for Neville because he’s big in the indies and does, “flippy shit”. For someone coming out of the indies he’s got a pretty solid build, that always surprises me. The match was great and though we know Neville is going to win, it’s his debut, and it’s against Sakamoto, they have enough back and forth that it’s never obvious Neville is completely dominating.

1. Antonio Cesaro & Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

This match was filmed while Rhodes was out on injury. Cesaro turned out to be a decent opponent. I’m starting to feel dirty with how often Cesaro is making it to the top of my lists, but I can’t deny his wrestling ability (anymore, at least). Kidd and Gabriel, as always, work in perfect tandem. Sandow works with Cesaro better than I would have anticipated and this 8 minute match turned into a great showing for all four men. This is another match where it’s the last we’ll see of a guy, at least for awhile. Kidd was just injured, and dropped 20 pounds before surgery for an easier recovery. Good luck, Kidd, we’re rooting for you because my Top 4s will feel lonely without your name on them.

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