Top 4 of Superstars 1/11/13

Trust me, it’s harder to drag 4 things out of Superstars.

4. Brodus Clay & Zack Ryder vs. Prime Time Players

This is not a well meshed match. These are four men with talent in their own rights, but together there is nothing here to get excited about. At just over 4 minutes none of the men really ever gets too into the match, except perhaps Ryder. And Ryder is in that baby-face part of his career where he only really does the same five moves. There isn’t a lot of variety, unfortunately, and becomes one of the lesser things about the show.

3. Funkadactyls

Because, why not. They are cute, perky, and the camera thankfully pans to them a lot while the match is going on.

2. Miz vs. Tensai

I had trepidations going into this match. I love Miz. I love Tensai. Doesn’t mean they’ll work well together. Tensai matches are best when his opponent is willing to actually get hit, otherwise they look like they are just swatting at each other from a distance. Miz is willing to get hit. It’s not as brutal as say Tensai vs. Sheamus was, but Tensai gets to smack Miz around and Miz gets to still look good with his own move set. The match was also nearly 8 minutes long, and while it wasn’t particularly fast paced, there wasn’t a moment where I thought, “God, can this end already,” and when I did think it was over it surprised me by not being over.

1. Scott Stanford & Matt Striker

Probably my favorite commentator duo within the WWE right now. Scott has the voice, Striker has the random knowledge, and together they pull off a good match with their voices. Sometimes a match dud, like the second match of the night, is made better just by having these two commentate it. My reasons for tuning into Superstars every week is for the commentary, if there happens to be a good match as well, I’m lucky.


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