Top 4 Matches of the Week in WWE 1/6/13 – 1/12/13

Wasn’t one of the greatest week for consistent matches, but the matches that shone out were great. And for once Raw had two of them.

4. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena – Raw

The ending was a bit lackluster because it’s exactly what you expect from a Cena match. You’ve seen it before, you’ll see it again. Yawn. However, Cena can prove in matches like this that he does know how to work a good match, as he’s actually proven more consistently over the last year and a half. Dolph Ziggler is always in a good match, it seems, whether it’s 2 minutes or the 13 minute match this one is. And hey, for some of you, there was no commentary through the first half of the match. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing either.

3. Miz vs. Tensai – Superstars

This match surprised me, and continues to surprise me even after I watched it. Through the first minute or so it did move a bit slowly, but still there was something there. Something that they caught onto after about two minutes. Then the match didn’t really stop, which is amazing to say. Tensai isn’t the fastest, but he’s strong. With Miz coming at him at every chance, even when he had no chance of beating Tensai with the move, it kept the match solid. Tensai ultimately did lose, but he didn’t look weak losing and this was the Tensai I enjoy seeing on my screen.

2. Ryback vs. CM Punk – Raw

What dropped this match from being 1 is the ending. It was too obvious Punk had to win it. I’m not complaining he won it, I just hate obvious endings. I hate knowing endings (which is why my #1 is a bit weird). But the match itself was entertaining. I like Ryback. He’s a better wrestler than people give him credit for because he’s had a few botches. So has Punk, but no one questions his ability. It’s two different wrestling styles meeting in the ring and it works well. Then that predictable ending of Shield interfering and Punk getting his belt happens. Not a bad ending, in fact it likely was the only way to go.

1. The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio – Smackdown

Right now there is someone out there who wants to choke me out just for putting Big Show on the list, but hear me out. Alberto Del Rio made this match. Yes, I knew the ending, and I knew he was walking away with the title, but… but… it was great! Del Rio is one of those wrestlers who did what others can’t. He transitioned into the face spot and let his wrestling be a bit more free. Most seem to feel more comfortable as a heel, Del Rio’s natural grace suddenly seemed to shine through as a face. Del Rio also has epic facial expressions and Ricardo on the sidelines always helps. Big Show really was just a ploy to make this match about Alberto Del Rio and give the man a title in a new capacity. 14 minutes of this and I was actually excited the whole way, even while knowing the ending.

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