Top 4 of NXT 1/10/13

Any real semblance of trying to fit in storylines for NXT was dropped this week, but it still works because the characters themselves know how to tell a story. From Bray Wyatt and his “family” to Shield interfering, there is a story in the matches. At least, most of them.

4. Yoshi Tatsu & Percy Watson vs. The Family


“Hey, who isn’t really doing anything that can show off the skills of these two big guys?” “I think we have Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson.” “All right, make it a match.” Bray Wyatt’s family is growing as a cohesive stable as Luke Harper and Erik Rowan team up to fight Tatsu and Watson, who are talents mostly used, at this point, to put someone else over. Phillips keeps talking about the size of Rowan but honestly he doesn’t seem so large in comparison to the other wrestlers that I’m “wowed” by size. Still, an interesting stable is developing that I can see going places. Even if I find it a bit repugnant.

3. Seth Rollins vs. Big E Langston


While certainly not the best match of the night, or even longest, the men put on a good show in the ring of dominance and ferocity. Rollins has impressed me more as a heel wrestler than he ever did as a face wrestler, and perhaps it is because he’s let go and decided to just be what he can in the ring. A problem many faces have when in the ring is holding back. Neither man looked like they wanted to hold back and the story developed well from Shield interfering to the NXT face roster coming out to interfere with Shield’s interfering. But in the end Big E Langston holds the NXT title proud.

2. Primo & Epico vs. Michael McGillicutty & Bo Dallas


I’m not impressed by Dallas, this is no surprise to anyone who reads on a regular basis. Dallas throws punches in this match and doesn’t even make contact for most of them, and it’s glaringly obvious. Dallas seems in character on minute, then forgets he’s supposed to be acting the next. He’s a pretty boy and some women fall for that and this is what makes him stand out. Then he’s paired with one of the guys who has grown on me in McGillicutty to go against Primo & Epico. I’ve never been happier for a Primo/Epico win before. Luckily the match was mostly about McGillicutty against the Puerto Rican cousins. Great match when Dallas wasn’t weakly striking.

1.5 Scott Stanford’s Voice

I’ll do anything I can to get Scott Stanford on a Top 4 list, even make him his own spot if I have to. This week (and last week) the voice overs for the coming matches were done by none other than Scott Stanford, and who does better at announcing than he? With Dawson seemingly getting the push as the next “It” commentator within the WWE I will show appreciate to the man who knows the ins and outs better than he’s given credit for and can put over any person wherever I can. Even if it’s just at the sound of his voice announcing Big E Langston vs. Seth Rollins.

1. Emma vs. Paige


This may have not even been a three minute match but from what I saw I’m impressed. Emma comes out to a tune that had me burst out laughing, and then she does this little jig with her arms that had me confused. But I loved it. I was set to dislike her, as I seem to be with every diva lately and for that I apologize. She and Paige made the best of their two and a half minutes and showed off an array of skills other women could be jealous of. Of course Paige makes any match great because she is just a natural talent that can’t be reckoned with. As usual NXT seems to be the show where the best diva match will take place.

Thanks, as always, to @lindseyhxx for the use of her photos from Sunset Flip Photography.

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