Top 4 of Smackdown 12/18/12

Well Smackdown was quite the improvement on Raw. And I feel bad now for expecting it to pretty much be bad. After all, it was filmed after Raw was. That’s usually an immediate sign that nothing will progress. Well, if I wasn’t completely wrong! And I love it! And yes, I realize I’m leaving off Shield, who I scream for every time they come on my screen, but even then they were not the highlight of the show for me. Ugh, I also have to leave off Kaitlyn versus Eve, which was one of the most amazing diva matches in… well quite a while. We’ll say that. They might make it on Top 4 Matches of the Week it was so good, but let’s face it, I love some promos more than matches at times, this is WWE after all.

4. Obligatory Kane Mention

The match between HellNo & Kofi Kingston against Wade Barrett & The Prime Time Players was pretty much meh. I’m not a big fan of PTP or Kofi and the move sets don’t do much to entertain me. Bryan, Kane, and Kofi in the segment before the match was actually quite hilarious, though. Plus, Kane seems to be toning up a bit. It was almost distracting to me because I kept checking him out to see where else he was looking better. Ugh, Kane, don’t turn me into that girl.

3. Brad Maddox Experience

Maddox’s confidence is astounding. I have to give props to any man who can get squashed week after week and still coming in looking for a chance with the WWE because he knows he’s the future. Some of the work these men have to do requires them to be shameless, and Maddox falls into that category. He’s come a long way and deserves to be in the spotlight. I just hope this isn’t short term.

2. Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro

Once again Ryback decides to show off wrestling ability, and this match with Cesaro is worth more of a watch than that horrid debacle from Raw. Of course all matches on Raw last night but perhaps one were a joke. This may have only been about 5 minutes (5:08) but it kept moving and somehow I enjoyed it. It’s even better because it’s matches like this that make people who hate either realize both do have talent.

1. Everything’s Coming Up AJ

AJ in the MizTV segment. AJ versus Kaitlyn in the back. AJ during the match between her new lover, Big Show, Sheamus, and John Cena. AJ, AJ, AJ and I love every moment of it. She’s given a twist on a storyline involving Cena. Because Cena’s there, but the focus is on the cute girl who is wreaking havoc within the WWE. And that kiss between her and Ziggler in the middle of the ring at the end… oh yes. There was so much not PG about it that I felt like I was watching a romance movie for a moment (sorry, it still wasn’t porn level like the kiss last night). Yeah, good job AJ at taking over the WWE and wrapping it around your finger.


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