Wow, we had quite a few people who made it to the final round. I’ll only give numbers, hopefully you know yours! The finals came out to be for the odds: 17, 21, 57, 95, 97, 103, 115, 117, 127, 137. For the Evens we have: 16, 30, 46, 118, and 122. But as I said, there can only be one winner in each. The winner for the odds, by being only 4 seconds off in the Cena/Ziggler match-up for tie-breaker 3 (no one properly guessed 1 or 2) newcomer @TheJasonBilling! For the evens, making it up to tie-breaker 2 as two people properly guessed Reigns pinned Bryan, but only one guessed Kaitlyn would be eliminated, @Purecharger! Both of you remember to check out the Podswoggle Shop and Try This On For Size and let me know what shirt, size, and where to shit in my dms!

Thanks everyone again for joining! We’ll see you for the Royal Rumble where we have a couple of surprise gifts thanks to @stateofthelinds and @lindseyhxx and a special return for a big one from @FutureEndeavors and the Jabroni Jobber prize! Until next time!


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