Hell in a Cell Prediction Winners!

Here were are, ready for that Hell in a Cell winner! And this month was a nail biter! For the Odd side it pains me, because all 3 people with 6/6 I adore and would love to see win. We have #5 @StephiOC85 #39 @TomQWood and #121 @TheyCallHimKiD! However, the person who takes it got it with the first tie-breaker, because where #5 and #39 said Kaitlyn, @TheyCallHimKiD said Layla for who was pinned! So, congratulations to the NEW champ for the Odd side… @TheyCallHimKiD! Please DM me which shirt you would like from GimmeStitchesTees and your info to send it to and we’ll get that out to you!

Now, for the evens! No one ended up 6/6, though #28 @MasterSolace, #34 @Kristoffrable, #36 @WrestleDena, #116 @Brysynner, #130 @ferbznasty2_0, and #134 Micah all had 5/6. So time for tie-breakers for the final 6. And, with only one person saying Layla was pinned, #134 Micah won it all! Good job, please email me and give me which shirt you would like from GimmeStitchesTees and your info so we can get that sent out to you!

Now, for the bottom of the pack and the Jabroni Jobber Night of Champions DVD prize. With 1/6 being the lowest score we had #3 @TeamHellions, #51 @thagr8short1, and #127 @number1steelers. This once again came down to tie-breakers, but this time of who did worse. Without giving away too much of his tie-breakers, my darling boss over at my blogging site, #3 @TeamHellions “wins” the Jabroni Jobber prize this month. I’m going to blame the fact that he was married this month, distracted when he could watch the shows at best, and that he was just thinking more brilliantly than Vince was this PPV! DM me your info so I can have the wonderful crew of Future Endeavors send you your gift!

Now, after all of the great news, I have a bit of sad news. Next month the prediction contest will be on hiatus. We will be returning during TLC in December, but for Survivor Series I am bowing out. November is a busy month for me with NaNoWriMo and since I pretty much run this thing on my own (and have problems relinquishing control, though many of you have been terribly helpful and been willing to do more for me) I will just not have the time to put into 120+ predictions next month. Don’t worry, we’ll be back and better than ever in December!

I would like to thank @WWEThatsNotPG, @GimmeStitchesTs, and @FutureEndeavors for their help in sponsoring this PPV. All three are incredible and I couldn’t have done it this month without them. I’d like to thank all of you for participating, it’s been great fun doing this and I’m sorry I won’t be able to next month!


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