Reviewing The 50 Megaton Tweet by R. C. Wade


50 years ago people wrote on the significance of our growing reliance on electronics. Stories of our toasters and televisions and vacuums turning against us were nearly mainstream, and one famous story told of aliens observing our planet and believing our cars were the true rulers and we were just an extension of it.

Enter our times today. Sure, robots haven’t taken over the world, but electronics might very well run how we look at things. Wade takes a look at the power of Twitter and Youtube and how we reacted to things that we are told and show. One tweet starts it all, a tweet that claims the president’s assassination.

This is the sort of story that 20 or 30 years from would find its way into a thick high school literature book and be taught as a lesson about how we once relied on social media to run our lives. People will chuckled, because hopefully something like this will not have actually happened. However, this is a completely plausible situation. Twitter has started enough rumors of death, to the point that it is weekly, and there is always someone who believes it. Even if you don’t believe it you see RIP Celebrity trending and you check to make sure that it truly is a hoax.

This is literature at its best and worst, giving us a look at ourselves. Do we like what we see?

Reasons to Read:

– Very quick, worth the 0.99

– An excellent look at reliance on social media

– Well thought out

Reasons Not To Read:

– You might not like what you see

– It does have preachy moments, and even if they fit in the story, some might dislike the opinions


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