Top 4 of Superstars 10/5/12

I left off one match quite easily this week, unlike the last time I wrote a blog. They decided, “OK, we have enough for four matches, but only if the match is about two or three minutes.” This is the wrestling show. Granted, The Usos vs. Rhodes Scholars was a main event, but take it down from 10:55 to 8:55 or 9:55 and give those spare minutes to the match that lasts two minutes. Granted, the 2:08 match was Tensai vs. Yoshi Tatsu and to be honest, even I didn’t want to see if and I’m not a notorious hater on either of them. They just wanted to say, “See, we don’t hate Tensai, but we do hate Tatsu.”

4. David Otunga vs. Michael McGillicutty

This is only 4 because 3 was allotted a good amount of time. I think if they had been the same length I would have gone with this match over the other. McGillicutty changed nothing about his style in the ring as he went at Otunga as a face instead of a heel, which is a blessing, really. Why can’t a face be aggressive in the ring? Why do they need to be changed? It’s like saying you must be weak to be good. Anyway, that’s a different rant and against my point. McGillicutty is awesome here. Otunga finally gets some time to shine in the ring and not be the loser in a match. That’s also nice.

3. The Usos vs. Rhodes Scholars

Striker, Striker, Striker, PLEASE stop overdoing it on your being some sort of intellectual commentary savior when Sandow steps into the ring. (See, I don’t just hate when he does it with Scott, because now he’s paired with Mathews). Striker could ruin Sandow further for me if he keeps this up. He takes a high road approach and makes everything seem like a secret only he knows and like he’s doing something wonderful by explaining this to an audience he believes isn’t listening to him. Then mentions the great continuity of The Usos because they’ve been brothers for over 25 years, which has to be something that goes against his intelligence.

Why the rant on Striker for this? Because I was not a huge fan of Sandow, I don’t think he fits the character, but Sandow is still a great athlete. But listening to Striker go on about Sandow’s intelligence when I should be enjoying the wrestling makes me want to root against them both. However, Rhodes, Sandow, and The Usos do their best in the ring and for 10:55 beg you with their athleticism and talents to watch what they can do. Oddly, the highest point of all of this is the very end, after the recap and The Usos are gone, when Rhodes pulls Sandow into a roll and Sandow makes his cartwheel that way. It was clever, it worked as a tandem, and gave a glimmer that maybe these two will stay together. And despite the fact I ranted about Striker, he did note these two were writing a book on etiquette together that made me wish for Dashing Cody Rhodes again.

2. Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd

They give Barrett a 5:58 match on Superstars against Kidd, a match that honestly has to be one of my top 4 this week, but on Smackdown they give him 1:46. Superstars has become the place where they sort of practice wrestling, for your pleasure, while Raw and Smackdown are all about the plot and you are lucky to get half of the show as wrestling. Of course, to be honest, you are lucky to get half of Superstars as wrestling when you have 10 minute recaps of AJ Lee. Anyway, considering Barrett’s new style of wrestling I wondered how this would come out with Kidd. Amazing is the answer. If you watch Superstars for any one match, it has to be this one.

1. Scott Stanford

The enthusiasm! The voice! The ability to tease himself when he makes a mistake. Stanford’s ability to enjoy every moment of every match is unmatched and he makes every Superstars sound exciting. Despite the fact that he’s sitting there looking at a computer screen, with the sound of his voice you can picture the enthusiasm that would be shown if he was standing cheering (in one particular instance, when it looked like Kidd was going to win). He treats every match like a main event and truly always sounds like sitting there commentating two matches a night is the place he wants to be more than anywhere else.

Scott Stanford’s best lines of the week:

“Ceated? How about created? I like it better with the ‘r’.”

“He (Kidd) goes to work now with those dangerous feet!”

“Kidd lighting up this crowd here on Superstars!”

“Love him or hate him, David Otunga, the complete package. You have to respect the combination of brains and brawn on this guy.”

“People can knock Otunga all they want, tell me how many lawyers will give out free legal advice on twitter?”

“If I looked like that I’d never walk around with a shirt either.”

“Getting sued, he’s your dude.”

“Locked in jail, can’t make bail, Otunga’s your guy.”

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