Top 4 of NXT 10/3/12

This week was a better episode than last week and managed to fit in 17:23 of wrestling (more than Main Event on Wednesday night but still less than all of the other shows). Honorable mention goes to Michael McGillicutty and his mic skills this episode. He antagonizes Rollins, who he has a title match with next week, and it’s a beautiful thing. It couldn’t make the list, though, because Rollins sounded stiff. I’m not sure Rollins knows exactly where he’s going with his character other than, “I’m the NXT champion,” which might explain why he seems hesitant as he speaks. Almost like he’s trying to remember his lines instead of bringing a little of himself to it.

4. Big E Langston vs. Aiden English

Despite the fact that they threw English out there to be squashed by Langston, I like where this is going for Langston. I can see why WWE slow builds someone up, unfortunately once it gets out of the gate and running WWE tends to screw these things up. For now I’m going to continue to enjoy Langston winning and insisting the ref count until 5, then doing it at least two more times for effect. English is a joy to see, even if he’s being beaten, and at least people are learning his name! Not to mention English bumps like he’s from the Ziggler school of bumping and he manages to make it look natural.

3. Percy Watson vs. Kassius Ohno

This was a better match for Ohno than the 55 second one against Oliver Grey. Unlike with Langston, who is building up a destructive character, Ohno winning in under a minute doesn’t have the same effect. It looks worse on Grey than it looks good for Ohno. This was better. Ohno was always going to win it, but Watson made Ohno look better through the 3:17 match. Watson looks better as well, but he’s always had something, and yet been missing something at the same time.

2. Drew McIntyre vs. Richie Steamboat

It took awhile but Steamboat is starting to get to the point where he’s no longer relying on the name and realizing he should have a little bit more to his character. In the ring he was always good, but not great. Enter Drew McIntyre, who pretty much makes anyone in the ring look like a pro. At 4:26 this match covered everything it needed to in a short amount of time and made both men look seasoned. Steamboat showed more personality throughout the show in segments (or upon attacking Ohno as he was walking out to the ring) making this a great episode for Steamboat. And Drew won. Drew. Won.

1. Ascension vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

8:22. When was the last time any of these guys were in a match that lasted over 8 minutes? And how did they manage to find a way to fill those 8 minutes with constant movement. Conor, as the biggest guy in the match, might be the slowest of the four, but it doesn’t hinder him. In fact, it’s only really noticeable in one part and it is pretty deliberate. Kidd and Gabriel have worked such an incredible tandem that other tag teams should be looking to them about how to do this whole “tag team” thing. Four incredible athletes put on a show that is worthy of a main event, and not just on NXT.

As always, thanks to @lindseyhxx for the photos from Sunset Flip Photography. She’s incredible and deserves you to check her out.

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