Top 4 of NXT 9/5/12

Finally, Brandon Traven was able to show up on my television, and it was against Brodus Clay. Evil.

4. Kassius Ohno

I don’t say the match because, one, I’m not a huge Steamboat fan and the match wasn’t bad, but not entirely the most impressive thing. Ohno, however, was pure brilliance. From the match, to the after match, to his moment with Ricky Steamboat, the man knew how to play the character. “The Dragon’s Mad! The Dragon’s Mad! What are you going to do? Armdrag me?”

3. Audrey Marie vs. Paige

Maybe Audrey Marie is growing on me? Or maybe Paige is just that good. Either way I enjoyed watching the two of them together, but Paige is the more brilliant athlete, and character, and deserved to win this match up.

2. Percy Watson vs. Leo Kruger

Leo Kruger is the reason I started watching FCW in the first place. We saw him as a dark match at a Smackdown show and I went, “Okay, he’s incredible,” and tuned into FCW the very next episode. I’ve watched him evolve and this new character he’s fit into works with him, for him, as him. Percy Watson still is fun to watch in the ring, but he’s more graceful than he looks like he’s hurting anyone, and seems to have no direction for his character. Still, the three minutes of this match were a step above the other three minute matches (or less) of the episode.

1. The Usos vs. Ascension

8:23 of pure fun and with the right ending. I’ve never seen the Usos work so well off of a team before, which is odd to me, but they are fabulous against Ascension. Ascension, meanwhile, get to put on a show after their “awe-inspiring” entrance. Better to let men wrestle and establish they are a force to be reckoned with than what WWE did before, and does with other talents, which is establish them by having them flat out destroy someone. That does not show me their skills. Ascension and Usos have a few great spots and manage to tell a story of absolute loathing of one another. The fight begins as the bell is ringing, they can hardly contain the need to destroy, and it doesn’t slow down until Kenneth wins it.


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