Reviewing Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks


This is the third book in Sparks’ series. The first one was a solid read, though not great, the second one was better, though I hated the contrived ending, and this one just fell apart. You have to read the other two to understand the secondary storyline in this novel. Shanna and Roman are a large part of this book and the continued efforts again Shanna’s father and the upcoming baby. Angus and Emma, however, are the main characters of this story, and it’s boring. The underlying storyline is better, but Sparks, like most women in the genre, decides it is more important to make this an erotic romance than just make a continuing series based on what she’s really aiming for.

Major issues I had with the novel itself were things like Angus calling Emma “virtuous”. The woman was killing vampires out of a need for revenge for what happened to her parents. It so happened that the vampires she had killed so far were doing something wrong, but she nearly killed Angus, who hadn’t done anything wrong.

Angus mentions how long he’s been alive and it’s why he’s chivalrous and needs to stand when she stands and why he’s so worried about a woman’s pleasure. Considering his background this makes no sense. Chivalry was not entirely a popular thing amongst his people at the time of his vampirism. He would have been more worried about the children they would bear. It does not mean he could not have been a gentleman, but he only inherited a castle, he was not raised in one. Angus contradicts himself much throughout the novel, and his final actions in the end of the book annoy me to the point where I just stop liking him. I’m tired of emo men in my romance novels. Women do not want a guy who is so easily torn up, at least not in romance.

Reasons to Read:

– It continues the series, and if you enjoyed the first two, keep going

– The secondary plot is interesting

Reasons not to Read:

– Lines like this, “Ye’re as wet and fresh as the morning dew.”

– Disjointed feeling

– Cookie cutter main characters



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