What Are You Reading Wednesday 9/5/12

I admit it, I bought a video game this week and all of my responsibilities went out the window. I can’t help it! I need to end the game, and once I’m done I’ll likely never pick it up again and wonder why I spent 4 days trying to beat it. For those curious, I’m playing Batman: Arkham City. I’m loving every moment of it, but it’s keeping me from my books.

I managed to finish one book last week, and not even the graphic novel. I’m so behind I’m not sure how I’m catching up this year. So, I’m still reading this book:


There was a bathtub scene that reminded me of a scene from Elizabeth Haydon’s Symphony of Ages series:


However, Haydon did it better. Which is a shame, and incredible, all at once. After all, Sparks’ novel is meant to be an erotic romance. The other is an epic fantasy novel.

Along with Sparks’ novel I’m about halfway through this manga:


So good, and I just can’t seem to get through it. Honestly, it’s that video game, because there’s nothing wrong with this novel. I want to read more!

Before I get distracted further, I’m also reading:


Now the second one might look like a hot and sweaty romance novel, but if it’s anything like the first book in the series it is based more off of a plot than a romance, though you can’t deny there is romance throughout the series. The first book had an excellent balance of teenage hormones and a deep plot that did not get too heavy handed. I’m only 5% through this next one, and it was a brutal 5% (in that the character goes through some immense pain) but Provencher has a way with words that is incredible. What are you reading this Wednesday?

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  1. I really need to play that game. And all the other ones we have. Owned Lego Batman for awhile now and haven’t even opened it up.

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