What Are You Reading Wednesday 8/29/12

It’s that time again and I haven’t gotten very far. I finished Bride by Command and replaced it with a vampire novel (this is one of two I’m reading).


Amazingly enough this is a dark novel, gruesome at the beginning, and isn’t about romanticizing vampires right off the bat. Did lose points, though, for having a vampire society. I’m tired of secret vampire societies, but I’m only about 16% through this novel so I’ll keep at it. Mostly on the basis that so far it is DARK. If this is anything like the last Armintrout novel I read I’ll likely it just on that basis.


I haven’t actually made it much further into this book than I had last week. This is all about the romance and less about the plot going on, which is the problem with most romance novels. They want to give you something more, then focus on the romance. If you want to focus on the romance, kill the underlying plot and make it about two people, because honestly I could tolerate that more than I can trying to make a complicated story but making it pretty basic because it’s about how hot two people are for one another.


Bored. Having a hard time getting into this. Usually by this time in a month I’ve finished 3-4 books. Right now I barely finished one and the graphic novel I had picked up because nothing is holding my interest. It could be me, or it could be the books I’m currently trying to read through. Truly wanted to adore this novel as much as I do the man who wrote it, but I had such a hard time with the first half that I’m barely giving the second half a chance.


Honestly, it had been awhile since a manga series made me want to sit down and devour it, and now that I’m on the last novel I want to sit and do just that. While not a 5 star story, because really this is about the romance more than the spiritulaization around them, this (unlike the above mentioned vampire novel) knows how to balance story and romance and make it about what it’s actually about… romance. The first novel felt like a set-up for the rest, and it worked out nicely. Now for the final segment.

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