Top 4 of NXT 8/8/12

As usual, let me explain the match I’m leaving off, which is Kassius Ohno vs. CJ Parker. This was a squash match that lasted about 5 minutes (I’m guessing as I didn’t actually time the NXT matches. My bad). Ohno seems to still be getting back into shape after having to change his regimen last year when trying to prove he was not taking drugs, he just has elevated testosterone, and it seems to cost him. Now he’s a small guy who wrestles methodically. Methodical works better for a bigger guy. Ohno needs to change his style a bit and just let go. He’s not bad, by any stretch of the imagination, but it makes the match a little plodding and Parker looking confused as he waits for the next move.

Also, have I mentioned liking Chris Russo? He’s the ring announcer. Good voice.

4. Bo Dallas vs. Jinder Mahal

Dallas can flop. He’s trying to go to the Ziggler school of taking a bump. I still don’t believe when he kicks or hits someone it hurts, though. So when Jinder struck Dallas, and Dallas flopped, it was fun. When Jinder put Dallas in the camel clutch, it looked like it hurt. But it wasn’t a spectacular match, but between the two they didn’t stop fighting, where Parker and Ohno had too many dead spots.

3. Tamina Snuka & Paige vs. Caylee Turner & Kaitlyn

Three of the women in this match were incredible. One, I’m not sure what they are doing with her, and I’m convinced they don’t either. Caylee Turner doesn’t have it in the ring. She didn’t have it before she was made a ring announcer. Were they training her all of this time? Kaitlyn, Tamina, and Paige are amazing athletes that for the majority of the match dominated it. Caylee refused to be tagged in by her partner, Kaitlyn, during the first part and it made it highly entertaining. Once Caylee went into the ring the quality went down. It’s hard to believe she’s overpowering any of the women in the ring. I’ll quit ranting now, still worth watch, if just because two of these women are gorgeous, three are talented, and Regal’s commentary for them is entertaining.

2. Promos

There were three different promos/segments on this week. As everyone knows, I enjoy plot. First one of the night is a look back at last week with a quick NXT recap of Dalton and Jordan’s win over Hunico and Camacho and they say exactly what everyone was thinking, “I don’t think anyone expected we would win.” They are interviewed by Briley Pierce and the enthusiasm from Jordan and Dalton is catching and they confirm they will be sticking together as a tag team.

Next, a new Ascension promo. I’m sorry, but ASCENSION!!! YAY!!! Just watch it, I have no words.

Last segment is a meet up between Bo Dallas and Derrick Bateman. Here Dallas tries to prove to me he has been learning something as he seems to have a good conversation with the poor jilted Bateman who somehow didn’t qualify for the tournament. He hints at anger and after walking away the camera catches Bateman watching Dallas. Is this hinting at Bateman going heel again?

1. Michael McGillicutty vs. Justin Gabriel

This match started off slow but I didn’t really fear. Somewhere along the way I became a Gabriel fan, and I’ve been a McGillicutty fan for a while (which is tough when at arenas because I’m always coming up with weird things to shout his way because, “Let’s Go Michael McGillicutty!” sounds awful). Once McGillicutty and Gabriel found their rhythm this turned into a great grappling match with a few springboard moves from Gabriel. Great match up that likely could make it onto match of the week.


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