What Are You Reading Wednesday 8/1/12

I have been absent for a few, I know, but I’m back to rabidly reading rabb- er, books. Sorry, got caught up in r’s for a moment there. Let us not waste time!


I like the author, he’s a good guy, but so far I’m not impressed with the opening of this novel. Albino bats that only come out during the day? A lot of conversation to explain the plot? No thank you. I admit his writing skill is superb, but the execution is still leaving a lot to be desired, but I’m barely 20% through. I might suddenly believe this is a brilliant novel.


I am 40 pages into the third novel in the third trilogy of this series. This trilogy is definitely better than the last one but it still can never touch the original trilogy by Linda Winstead Jones for this universe. Those novels were brilliant and because of that I’ve made it this far in the series. Again, better than the previous trilogy, and this book could almost be a standalone in the universe, so if you like a good romance where an Emperor poses as a soldier and a woman has dark powers it might be up your alley.


I love the original novel so much, here is a link to the Amazon page. If you don’t continue in the series after this trilogy, I do not blame you, but if you want to read a sensual romance with a thick plot that focuses on intrigue in the palace and where a nearly secondary character tries to steal the show, you must read this trilogy.


Back to things I’m actually reading. I’ve finished the first 4 in this manga series and I’m actually anxious to read the rest. This is more about the romance of the three (or four) main characters than it is about the special skills the three (or four) main characters have, but that’s typical in most shoujo of fantasy base. The characters are interesting and so far you get to know them in a fun way that doesn’t drag.

So what are you reading this Wednesday?


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