2 Weeks and Counting until Summer Slam Predictions

Already only 2 weeks to go before the Summer Slam predictions are under way! And have we got a treat, since it is Summer Slam after all and as of right now there are 90 people signed up for next month. Can we get to 100 for Summer Slam?

The first prize we are giving away for the winner of all of the predictions is a Heatseekers shirt promoting my favorite tag team of Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins. This shirt is by Turn Buckle Tees, the same company that made their ring gear.

There will also be a second T-shirt given to the runner-up! That is two possible Heatseeker T-shirts to be given away, and who doesn’t need a good T-shirt?

The next prize is in celebration of Chris Jericho and Fozzy’s latest album, Sin and Bones. This prize comes with conditions, though, and the conditions are tough! First, Chris Jericho has to win his match at Summer Slam! Second, you have to have predicted Chris Jericho would win! I will randomly choose someone to get the album if those conditions are met!


Next prize! Our darling Shawn Decker, blogger, singer, all around awesome guy, is going to give away one of his albums as well! That album will be completely chosen at random, no conditions. As long as you have entered the predictions, you have a chance! (Unless you are tolkienite –) If you want to check out the album, here’s a sample.

Last, and for good reason, is the prize sponsored by Future Endeavors. The men are back and giving out the Jabroni Jobber prize, as in, whoever predicts the worst gets a prize to hopefully teach them a little. This month they are giving away anything of your choosing from Colt Cabana’s store that is $20 or under! Pretty good deal!

Hope you’re ready!


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