Top 4 of Superstars 7/19/12

The match that started the show is the one that I’m leaving off this week. Santino vs. Jinder Mahal. Not actually a bad match, but the other three on the card were definitely better matches.

4. The Usos vs. Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman

For everyone who asked me, and there were a few of you, I do not know why they were teamed back together when one is supposedly heel and the other supposedly face other than the fact that Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman make an incredible tag team. They both know they are out there to give the Usos another win and they have fun with it. And Bateman gets one fun dropkick in. He always makes them look like he’s having fun, even in a losing situation.

3. Cody Rhodes vs. Alex Riley

Before you whine that Rhodes is on Superstars watch the quality of the match, watch the length, and remember he would not get that sort of match time or length on a stacked episode of Smackdown. Rhodes and Riley play well off of each other and Riley manages to look strong against Rhodes, but Rhodes is too quick for him and takes him down.

2. Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre

Sin Cara is still laughed at and ridiculed for his botches, and there is a debate over the PPVs “who botched that move” between he and Ziggler (it was really both, but poor communication on someone who can hardly speak English would seem to be the main factor in the end) but there is no denying that he has improved. He is pitted against the underused Drew McIntyre who keeps getting bigger throughout the chest but still moves like a smaller man. He doesn’t seem to notice he has grown larger while other wrestlers seem to have to adjust. I’d like to say the quality of this match, you know, excellent, surprised me but it didn’t. I can’t remember a time Drew McIntyre put on a bad match when it wasn’t him randomly being squashed. If you watch one match, watch this one. But watch it all or else you’ll miss Scott Stanford’s commentary! Speaking of…

1. Scott Stanford

I don’t know what to say that I haven’t said before about the man with the voice that satisfies the ears like chocolate satisfies a female’s pallet. He cares about each match and tells you a story of every Superstar. It is hard not to appreciate what he individually does for the superstars every week when no one else can.


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