Top 4 of NXT 7/12/12

This was a much better episode of NXT than the previous ones. Perhaps not because of who was on the episode but because this was a better flow before storyline and matches. Instead of cramming six debut matches down our throat we have three matches, two which were given a considerable amount of time. If there was anything in this episode I would complain about it would be the commentating. Regal seemed more disinterested than usual and JR seems to get lost easily. Saxton was the one trying to keep up. Otherwise, this show was great, but there can only be 4.

4. Aiden English vs. Bray Wyatt

I usually try to give the nod to matches before storylines, but today one of the matches ends up at 4. This was the debut for Bray Wyatt. What are they going to do with these “debuts” when the men forced to lose to them have their chance? “Debut” them again? A couple of mentions of Wyatt’s lineage, which makes no sense to me if they are trying to establish him as a separate character. However, despite that, Wyatt is fun to watch in the ring and while you knew English was going to lose they managed to tell a story of Wyatt’s insanity. It was the better of the “debuts” so far for NXT.

3. Interviews

There are two interviews in this match. One Matt Striker conducts with Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. Gabriel does a good job of sounding like a good guy who is ready for a match while Slater does his best at being comically odd, “What kind of statement are you going to make? That you got hair like a peacock?” The second interview is Briley Pierce interviewing Richie Steamboat with Leo Kruger interrupting. Ah, Leo Kruger, the King of Africa. Both did a good job at establishing storylines, even if some have been repeats, it’s better than just random matches thrown together, and that’s why the interviews made the list. Animosity and reasons for them are excellent tools to use.

2. The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players

The first thing I said when this match started was, “I am not looking forward to this.” Both teams are better paired with opponents that can help carry the match. Usually when you have a setup like this you are setting it up to fail. Who’d have thought that it wouldn’t? Darren at one point had to run to Titus’s arms and get a hug after a move from an Uso, which was hilarious, and after that the match stayed steady. Yes, more of this from these men.

1. Tyson Kidd vs. Camacho

This. Incredible. Camacho’s sure decided to step up his game in the ring, though it’s hard to have a bad match against Tyson Kidd. Hunico does a good job of being there and slowly making Kidd paranoid he’s going to interfere, which seems to be the reason Hunico is thrown out. Hunico puts up a fit but Camacho holds him back, telling him he’s got it, he can do this. He can, but there is interference, and it’s not from Hunico. Great, long match, that tells a story in the ring and with those who interfere.



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