Caption Scott Stanford Contest

I said I was going to giveaway a 2nd Podswoggle shirt during the PPV but I couldn’t come up with how exactly I wanted to do it. I wanted it to be Scott related. I wanted it to be the new network related. I thought about a hashtag but all of the ones I came up with sounded lame and the ones other people came up with, unfortunately, were too long. So, instead, you’ll have to get your funny on because I’m going to do a caption contest. The contest runs starting now and will close Saturday night at the same time predictions close. I will announce the winner of the caption contest at the same time I announce the winner of the predictions.

Here are the rules of the Caption Contest:

1. Use one of these pictures or any good Scott picture you have in your arsenal:

2. It must be related to the new tv show coming to ION.

3. Keep it clean.

4. You may enter as many times as you want.

5. You may enter by captioning it and sending it to me through twitter: @SolaceWinter or emailing it to me

6. You may enter by just giving me the caption through comments here and someone will caption for you.

Winner gets a Podswoggle shirt of their choice from the Swoggle Shop. Judges will be me, me, and me. Make me laugh!

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  1. One of the example captioned photos is not in the raw image list. Is that a simple error or is one of the usable images not showing up? 🙂

    • solacewinter

      Neither, I thought it was funny so I allowed it! If you want to use other pictures it’s all right as long as they tickle my funny side.

  2. Aha! Alrighty then. I maaaayyyy have to do that. ::evil laugh::

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