Happy What Are You Reading 4th of July Edition!

I probably should not be obsessed with reading on the All American holiday, but let’s face it, I always have a book on me. This time I’m reading three books!

I am currently 50% through the novel and loving it. Sanderson pulls a usual where the book starts off on an action, moves on to an explanation, then hurries back into moving smoothly. Being a novel that stands alone he doesn’t spend as much time introducing the intricacies, which is good. Looking forward to getting through more.

Another one I’m 50% through. On Sunday when we had no power I picked up the book and read like a fanatic. Unfortunately, with electricity back, I had to suck it up and go back to working and so my reading slowed. I am waiting anxiously for a chance to get back to this one.

This is my book I read a few pages of a night. Only about 20 pages into it, and this is not the cover that’s on my copy! I like my cover better!

So what are you reading this holiday?


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  1. The only time I really get to read (sadly) is on my lunch break at work. So about a half an hour a few days a week. Currently I am re-reading “Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown. It’s a much more believable book then his religiously based ones (although I enjoyed them a lot). I generally re-read when I can only read in fragments, and this book I didn’t remember a lot about!

    • I’ve never read Digital Fortress, though I loved two out of three of the religiously based books (The Lost Symbol was just awful). I may have to add it to my growing TBR.

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