WWE Main Event – Commentary Suggestions

WWE announced last week that they will have a new one hour show on ION. It’s been explained by several people as “Superstars with plot,” and when I said, “So like NXT?” I was told no, this was more runoff from Raw and Smackdown. Well, that explained the wording, since Superstars, especially as of late, is those guys that just can’t get any time on Raw or Smackdown.

Okay, so Superstars, with a plot. Does this mean that they will actually act out the things Scott Stanford is describing weekly during the matches? Oh, so does that mean they are going to do the right thing and use Scott Stanford as the commentator? I’m going to assume they are.

Now, Scott Stanford has proven he really can work with anyone on commentary. He’s had Lawler, Punk, Mathews, and Striker beside him and excelled with every single one. As most people will start chiming in and telling me that Punk is the best, you know a pairing of Punk and Stanford is not happening long term as Punk is a main eventer, and while the show may be called WWE Main Event, it’s not.

But your head might be in the right direction. An hour show could be the perfect time to give those guys, and gals, some talking time. An opportunity to work their chops with a commentator who is open to talk to just about anyone, and knows how to take control when commentary is faltering. Or make a wrestler the third man in a commentary team. Give us Scott Stanford, the very underused Matt Striker, and a wrestler as the third man, even if just during one match. Stanford and Striker work wonders together and no how to keep pace with the match, even when mics are too low and they are meant to be drowned out by sounds of managers, or dancers, screaming on the sidelines.

Why did I not suggest Regal, whom I do adore? Regal and Stanford have a lot in common in commentary, which includes bringing stories to the commentary table and giving you a reason to pay attention to a wrestler. Regal does it in an almost undermining way while Stanford holds to his enthusiasm. Regal and Stanford are excellent in commentary, but you don’t need two men working towards the same goals, and better for Stanford as he brings that enthusiasm to the table every time. You need someone who sounds happy to be there because more often than not in the commentary teams they rarely have that sort of excitement.

Of course, they could put Lombardi with Stanford and it would be my new favorite show of the week.

Who would be your ideal commentary team for the new show? And when I ask ideal I would prefer to hear realistic idealism!


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