What Are You Reading Wednesday? 6/27/12

I’ve barely picked up a book this week, I must admit. I’ve been… distracted! But I finished Season of the Witch by James Leo Herlihy. So what am I reading now?

I am a quarter of the way through this novel and dying for more. I would like all of my obligations to just… disappear so I can return to Sanderson’s world of metal-magic.

I am 32% through this book and could easily pass up most of the description and still understand the plot. It’s not to say the novel is bad, because the plot is interesting and it’s not often you get a female protagonist who so steadily hates part of her own heritage (human) and is more ruthless than some of the men. However, I still think to have stretched out the big type-face and shorter storyline a lot of description was added to make it seem like a longer novel.

I haven’t started the second, and last, manga in this series yet, but I’m sure I’ll get at least partially through it today. The first one was weak with an interesting concept and to wrap it up in two and get a great review it’s going to have to be a very strong story.

So what’s on your reading list for the day?


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