Top 4 of FCW 6/24/12

Okay, so as the show is coming near its close the stories have sort of gone out of the window and we’re waiting for NXT to pick up some storylines to really get it going. During this transitional period we are getting an FCW with just matches, but most of the men in this ring know how to keep a story going, even if it’s just during their match.

4. Benicio Salazar vs. Erik Rowan

Okay, so this match was not a great example of storytelling. As far as I know this was Salazar’s last match and for some reason had to have him unmasked to be defeated in about 20 seconds by Rowan. I love Rowan’s look and I hope he runs with it, but that’s all this match was, unfortunately, a way to showcase Rowan.

3. Garrett Dylan vs. Kassius Ohno

Garrett Dylan is still a little green along the edges but every time I see him he’s improved on the last time, so he’s got the rhythm and is taking it up a notch each time. Ohno decided this would be the match he would really learn to sell nearly being pinned and kicking out. Combined, the match was good, but not the best, but taking into consideration the type of match, is absolutely forgivable. It also was still a match worth watching and in no way should be skipped.

2. Alexander Rusev and Colin Cassady vs. Ascension

In case you have been living under a rock, Ascension consists of Conor O’Brian (with an a, not an e) and Kenneth Cameron. Colin Cassady seems to be evolving into a look that suits him and Rusev seems to be nearly recovered from a pervious injury. This is the match that should have debuted Ascension on NXT. This match showed off their skills like most matches do not and it gave a taste of what their opponents could do. Cameron and O’Brian show off how well they work as a tag team, seeming to read one another’s minds when it comes to switching off. They carry a brutality in their movements, even when they are not knocking down their opponents, and it carries over from their in-ring work to their interactions. This is what I want to see more of from these men. Rusev and Cassady did a great job of holding their own and it was a great look at what these men can do and hopefully this means some positive development will happen for them with their characters.

1. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Well there was never any doubt really that Ambrose and Rollins were going to have the number one match of FCW, of the week, of the month? It was that good and Ambrose does the, “I’ve been brutally beaten,” routine better than I’ve seen it before. His shoulder is dislocated and he takes a moment ala Mel Gibson in one of the Lethal Weapon movies and stands against the ring and tries to smack it back into place. Later he gets Rollins into a submission hold and tells him, “You break my arm, I’ll break your leg.” Unfortunately for him, but good for Rollins, Rollins does escape and gets Ambrose into a submission you might find familiar. Rollins does ultimately win the match, but Ambrose puts up one Hell of a fight.


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