Money in the Bank Predictions in 2 Weeks

Money in the Bank is coming and I have to get my mind off of Steve Lombardi and Tom Casiello and Scott Stanford for a bit. It’s hard, but I need to try.

Let’s talk July 15ths Money in the Bank PPV. This is anticipated for a lot of reasons, but the reason you are here isn’t for any of those reasons, it’s to talk prizes.

I will be giving away 2 shirts from Podswoggle this month and Future Endeavors, a pod cast that you should also be listening to, is going to sponsor what we are now calling the Jabroni Jobber prize. They are offering a DVD from Highspots $5 Wrestling selection for the person with the absolute worst score in predictions. This includes matches AND tie-breakers. First place gets a Podswoggle shirt and the second Podswoggle shirt is the “maybe” prize for something that will be announced closer to prediction time. I’ll be honest, it’s Scott Stanford related!

We already have 82 people signed up for next month, though it doesn’t mean they will all return. The three-time, three-time, three-time All American JPEG Champion has retired to color commentary for the next few rounds which means no one has a Champ advantage going in this time! If you want to join in just send me a message and when predictions are up and ready I will send them your way! Two weeks before I start accepting predictions, they are coming up fast!

Good luck and enjoy!


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  1. I’m super excited and totally in

  2. Happy to join in! Is it still possible to get involved??

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