What Are You Reading Wednesday 6/21/12

It’s been a bit, things are hectic, but I’m back to reading and loving every moment of it!

The Alloy of Law isn’t really a sequel to Mistborn, though if you want to understand a lot of what’s going on it is best to have read the original trilogy. Sanderson does not waste a lot of time in this one explaining the laws, the magic, and the history which all I have to say is, “Thank you.” I am not a huge fan of getting novels set in the same universe and finding 20 pages of backstory that were told in 1500 pages in a trilogy (or the like, they were long books). As per Sanderson style the plot gets moving right away and then slows before it’s sure to pick up again, but I’m happy so far with it! About 16% through it at the moment.

I’m not one for a lot of detail and Armintrout is verging on being one of those writer’s who tells me about every cobblestone. She refrains, but she’s not far from choking someone with the amount of detail. Sure, she can put it into pretty words, she’s a talented wordmeister, but it doesn’t mean as a writer she should. This also doesn’t mean I don’t like the story. So far I’m intrigued.  It’s a different take on Fae politics while using familiar characters.

Because of an adult video she watched as a child the main character believes all older men are devils and younger boys are angels. So she falls in love right away with someone who looks about 10. What bothers me about the story is that she’s supposed to somehow be a likable main character. She’s not, really. I’d have actually been all right with her Shota-con obsession if it wasn’t so creepy. But I guess that’s part of the point.

So what about you? Reading anything good?


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  1. Right now, I’m into ‘Fahrenheit 451’ for the book club. I’m also into ‘Band of Brothers’ by Stephen E. Ambrose, and ‘Maus’ by Art Spiegelman.

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