Top 4 of Jack Swagger

I love Jack Swagger, but coming up with 4 is hard because he’s the most underutilized man that never gets to stick with a character. I know a list of things I like about him, but it would be picking apart every bit about him and naming moves and promos he’s done. He deserves better than a break down because Swagger is greatness, all together, whether you want to admit it or not.

4. Ability to just roll with it

Swagger has gone from a bit of a player, which was quickly dropped, to a man with a championship title showing off his other skills, which was a joke in the way the WWE handled it, and then he joined up with Vickie and mostly got ignored for Ziggler. But Swagger does not let it slow him down nor does he let it affect what he’s doing. He works his way into any character he’s given, or chooses, and does it brilliantly. It’s just a shame WWE has the attention span of a three-year-old and forgets what they were doing too quickly for him to develop.

3. Entrance

Not just the music, which is an explosive sound that gets the audience rocking, but the way he comes out. He positively resonates with energy. He does pushups with perfect form and bounces up from them with ease and comes down smiling, even as he is booed.

2. All American-American

As is usual with characters that should be faces, the All American is a heel. He and Derrick Bateman could have been making a great tag team that promotes America, instead Swagger is a heel that doesn’t even get half the air time his ex-partner did. The smile that goes along with the character has him as someone who should be a top superstar, with that character.

1. His In-Ring Prowess

Despite the fact the man can lock in an ankle lock like nobody’s business (and rarely breaks any bones and the face somehow always escapes) and for a large guy he moves with speed and efficiency, he’s underused. This is a man that people should be scared of in the ring, but because he has that smile and doesn’t look as intimidating as he can be, again, underused. But he’s flawless in the ring and lifts and powers through better than most of the men on the roster.

With skills like his, why isn’t he used more?

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