Top 4.5 of No Way Out

Before the PPV started, and I saw Scott Stanford’s face commentating the opening match, I jokingly said, “I’ll do a Top 4 just so I can put Scott as #1.” Scott doesn’t get the #1 spot, but only because some of my favorite in-ring storytelling happened in the ring during this PPV, and none of them were for matches that were originally scheduled.

4. Primo & Epico vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs. Prime Time Players vs. The Usos

A match to bring new number one contenders to the tag title as Primo & Epico had their shot slip through their fingers by missing the 30 days. Besides excellent match quality, heightened by Primo, Epico, Kidd, and Gabriel, the entire plot had a good story. AW, surprise, cheated Primo & Epico and went from being incompetent to just being a cheat, which was interesting. He’s better suited for the Prime Time Players, and not because he’s another black guy, but because his character works for two men who see dollar signs. Primo & Epico are on their way to becoming faces, now the question remains if they will take Rosa with them or leave her behind as well.

3. Scott Stanford

I know, I know, it’s Scott, he should be higher, but you guys did not watch the preshow for Scott Stanford. You should have, but you didn’t. You watched to see Otunga lose to Clay (75 of 81 of you predicted correctly on that one). However, out of five commentators throughout the show (counting Striker and not counting the Spanish announce team) Scott was the only one who remained coherent and made a lick of sense. Striker knew when something was coming up and stopped to wait for it, ignoring Scott’s question or lead-in. Cole, Lawler, and Booker T showed shades of that same ridiculous laughing during matches. Sure, the Tuxedo Match was not what the IWC wanted to see, but it’s made worse when the commentators spend more time laughing and making fun of it then trying to pretend we should be interested in it. You’d never hear Scott spend most of his time laughing at a match. No, out of the five, he did the best, and he was saddled with Otunga vs. Clay which was the most predictable match of the night.

2. Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

I know I said that the matches were not ones scheduled, but to me this was not a scheduled match. Ziggler was a fill in, and the fill in everyone was looking forward to. For good reason. Ziggler puts on quite the show in the ring and always has while Sheamus continues to be Sheamus. There were parts during this match I honestly thought Ziggler was winning it all, but we knew it was not going to happen in this particular match. Still, they put on a great show and even though Ziggler lost both men put on an entertaining show.

1.5 Kane and AJ

What can I say? I enjoy twisted romances.







1. Hunico vs. Sin Cara

The first time I watched the PPV I missed this match completely. Not because I didn’t want to see it but because doing the predictions takes up a lot of time. Having missed it completely I had to go back and watch it and I wondered how I could have not been paying attention. Hunico and Sin Cara put on the match they should have put on when it was Sin Cara Azul vs. Sin Cara Negro. Sin Cara has returned and is the superstar he should have been the first time he was overpushed and against Hunico who deserved the overpush and never received it. In other words, two incredible wrestlers in an incredible match that… no one really cared about or watched. Still, upon rewatching everything, it was my favorite.



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