No Way Out How to Win

As always, remember your numbers (which are listed again at the bottom so that you have them). During the PPV I will post your number followed by, for example, 3/ 4, which means you have guessed 3 out of 4 of the matches correctly so far. But it may take me awhile to post, I do have 81 people who actually turned in predictions out of the possible 89 who said they would. This is also why the numbers go up to 89, people who have done it before already have a number.

There are three ways to win a T-shirt tonight, but only one way to get the Derrick Bateman Autograph.

First: Be the champion predictor to get the Chicks And America shirt and the Derrick Bateman Autograph.

  • Have the most guesses correct
  • If you tie with someone it goes into tie-breaker 1
  • If there is still a tie, it goes into tie-breaker 2
  • If there is still a tie, it goes into tie-breaker 3
  • If there is still a tie, I will laugh, then pick a random winner from the final round
  • If after tie-breaker 1 there is a clear winner, we will not go to tie-breaker 2 or 3

Second: Since tolkienite is the reigning champion he has the advantage. So IF tolkienite wins it there will be a second place winner who receives a Bork Laser shirt.

Third: During the preshow matches IF you guys get Scott Stanford to trend (whether just in the US or Worldwide, I’m not that particular) I will give away either the Bork Laser shirt OR the Zack Ryder #SSSIIICCCKKK shirt. If you hate Bork Laser or the Ryder shirt, we’ll discuss possibly another shirt (in the same price range, I’m not made of money!)

Good luck to all of you! Don’t screw this up!

  1. @SolaceWinter

  2. @TheSupremeForce

  3. @TeamHellions

  1. @Right2PlayGod

  2. @StephiOC815

  1. @TheJurn

  2. @JayTheBrainMann

  1. @WWEThatsNotPG

  2. @BizarroDoom

  1. @BrooklynBrawla

  2. @OWA_Sephiroth

  1. @MarkBilly

  2. @badman410

  1. @ZackZiggler

  2. @drustuart

  1. @RegalSays

  2. @Glenntertain

  1. @AIRFAHMI437

  2. @JoeBewick

  1. @ValkyrieSmudge

  2. @Shawndecker

  1. @Jbibbsy

  2. @WrestlingNoob

  1. @NickRedMachine

  2. @WWECapshuns

  1. @tolkienite

  1. @Team_Cole

  2. @BradWardLive

  3. @Vadersault

  1. @MasterSolace

  2. @RayLott2

  3. @WizardOfOddity

  1. @RuthlessRyan84

  1. @MrsZigglesworth

  2. @FightDynamite

  3. @Kristoffrable

  4. @Melodelish4286

  5. @WrestleDena

  6. @allnewtpir

  7. @ZachDonegan


  9. @bradshawireland

  10. @TomQWood

  11. @wvawser

  12. @karnuj

  13. @PockySlice

  14. @RatedRPeep

  15. @DontMentionLove

  16. @barrettunga

  17. @Ndepoix

  18. @EliEisBotch

  19. @KingOfMadProps

  20. @RealJasonRivera

  21. @Tanner1495

  22. @Rotten2tha_core

  23. @evilkarebear

  24. @thagr8short1

  25. @WestersaurusNXT

  26. @Samalamalamalam

  27. @jjmwwe89

  28. @linseedoildrip

  29. @Jasmine_Galan

  30. @sXe_Edd

  31. @KellyIsMyIdol

  32. @Insomnivic

  33. @shute915

  34. @Nacgator

  35. @_KidIncredible

  36. @Stifmeister3000

  37. @CheyByNature

  38. @Another_AJ

  39. @AirPless

  40. @JAWallencheck

  41. @crazyclock222

  42. @PhidMcAwesome

  43. @Jmskipper

  44. @JellyBeanSteve


  46. @RealJohanaPerez

  47. @DCBrown805

  48. @ProWrestlingGuy

  49. @IamLWilliams

  50. @leeman7959

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