Top 4 of Superstars 5/31/12

Superstars had actually been on a roll of late of good matches, not just because of the stars in them but because they were actually good, so it helped me look forward to this episode. I was even more excited by there being four matches because I like wrestling! Then they gave me Jinder Mahal vs. Yoshi Tatsu, which hey, what a surprise, ended in a Camel Clutch. Damn it!

4. Tensai vs. Alex Riley

The only reason this moved up onto the list and I didn’t give it to some random commentator or fan in the crowd is Alex Riley. The man’s come a long way and didn’t get squashed by Tensai in under a minute. Of course some of the moves he did get in were no-sold by Tensai, but we can’t expect a good match out of Tensai. I’m not even blaming the man’s abilities (I don’t know what they are beyond hissing and not getting knocked down) but the way he was packaged. Riley deserves better than this, though. Right when Riley was coming into his own and should be brought back as a contender again WWE decided they would much rather focus on some guy who has had a chance, left, come back again. “Why doesn’t anyone like our new guys?” Um, hi, have you seen your roster pushes lately? I like how it keeps biting you guys in the ass, though. Makes me smile.

3. Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox

Eh-hem. Got a little ranty there for a minute. Okay, so, Phoenix, to me, is overrated as a wrestler. She’s prettier than most well muscled women in her class but that’s all she has going for her. Her moves look as choreographed as they are and you know when she’s not going to get a move to work because she’ll do a move that isn’t in her repertoire. This match actually made it to 3 this week because of Fox. Fox is typically botch-tastic and instead this week looked like the coordinated one.

2. Scott Stanford

I will not rant on this one. Much. Maybe. We all know my favorite part of Superstars is Scott, there’s no question about it. Josh has a few quips, but they are far and few between and between Striker and Stanford Mathews just can not keep up and sits there staring. I can almost see his eyes glazing over. Scott, on the other hand, had to commentate through Tensai and Riley and Phoenix and Fox and never does he lose his enthusiasm or good cheer. He has to be as bored as we are sometimes during these matches, but you wouldn’t know it to hear him. He’s a consummate professional. So why did I put him at 2? Mostly to be fair to the fans and to give this match the attention it does deserve.

1. Drew McIntyre vs. Christian

Before you whine that this match should have been the main event of Smackdown remember that on Smackdown the main events have not been ending cleanly lately. There’s a thousand commercials in-between as they try to make it long, or seem long, and they have Booker T and Michael Cole to commentate alongside Mathews. Instead this match gets to be the main event of Superstars where it actually has time to be a great match and doesn’t have to rely on disqualifications or anything else they want to throw at them. While Drew was going to lose from the very beginning this might have been the best match I’ve seen this week, and I’ve already seen some great matches. McIntyre and Christian should be a main event match and even if it’s just on Superstars, you deserve to treat yourself to their abilities.

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