Top 4 of FCW 5/27/12

Left off of the list this week, and just barely, is Kassius Ohno’s promo where he calls Cesaro’s bag from last week a purse. This was Ohno’s best promo yet and solidifies my ongoing love for him as a man who grows every time I see him on the FCW screen. Also left on, for a much bigger reason, is the recap of the newcomers to FCW by Briley Pierce and Colin Cassady. While Cassady looked better than he has yet he and Pierce trying to portray their thoughts with a New York/Mafia accent fell flat as neither seemed to fit the part they were going for.

4. Bo Rotundo vs. Seth Rollins

These men are incredible athletes. Unfortunately they do not prove to be incredible wrestlers in this match. This match instead of being an testament to wrestling skill like Jim Ross suggests is more of a show off of gymnastics and Bo’s desire to bump like Ziggler. Facing off together these two have no true direction and it simply leaves you wanting more. I don’t want to take away from the athleticism that these two men have, but it does not carry over into wrestling ability, at least not in this match.

3. Jason Jordan, CJ Parker, Mike Dalton vs. Alexander Rusev, Jiro, and Garrett Dylan

All right, Jordan, Parker, and Dalton make sense together because they have similar abilities, seem to be in a similar position within FCW, and work well together. I want to know who came up with Rusev, Jiro, and Dylan as a trio, though. I have nothing against Rusev, Jiro, and Dylan but that was a pretty random “leftover” group. Still, all six men do their best to put on a good showing, but let’s face it, this match was about Jordan, Parker, and Dalton getting their time to share, and boy do Parker and Dalton get that in this match. Okay, so Parker does have a moment of super-power, but he and Dalton show off their wrestling skills while Jordan tags along and tries in the short amount of time he’s given. They could have done a lot more with this match, but it was still great to see these men all out there.

2. Paige vs. Raquel Diaz

Raquel is having a hard time when she’s on her back and spinning her legs. I think she’s trying to do a twist and get up but she hasn’t done it quite yet. That’s my only complaint about this match. Raquel and Paige meet in the ring with an equal amount of attitude and a growing dislike for one another while Sofia bounces around outside the ring and does her best to distract Raquel. Unfortunately the distraction works in the favor of the wrong diva and Raquel retains the title, but I sure hope this means more from these women against one another. There’s an immense amount of talent here.

1. Leo Kruger vs. Aiden English

Oh, FCW writers, you want to give me more of these men! Well okay, I will allow it! Aiden quickly moved up from my, “I haven’t seen him do anything,” list to my, “Wow, okay, color me impressed,” list. Kruger and English put on what is easily the best match of the night, and could already win best match of the week depending on who gets to wrestle on NXT. These men tell a great story of talent and brutal awareness of their strength and shortcomings as they go against one another. I could handle more of this.


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