Top 4 of FCW 5/20/12

I was really torn on what to give number four this week. The top 3 were secure, but I had a tag match featuring four guys I adore or Big E Langston vs. Seth Rollins in a match that was decent, but I’ve seen both do better. Big E Langston and Seth Rollins didn’t make the cut, but they do get an honorable mention. Big E, for being such a large and in charge man, seems to want to actually wrestle. He goes for his opponents like he wants to take them to the mat and I like that! Seth Rollins has some quick skills but I think he needs a different finisher, something almost more fitting to his moveset. Still a good match.

4. Jake Carter and Corey Graves vs. Kenneth Cameron and Conor O’Brian

I love all four of these men, hands down, no questions asked. Character, skill, look, they have it all. So why did this almost not make the cut for the final four? Too short. It really didn’t give enough time to show off any one person’s skill. Why did it make the cut? No, not because I do this little squeal every time the Ascension music hits or because the dark bad boy looks of Carter and Graves make me forget my own name, no. It was because of the clever finish. Ascension had to lose sooner or later, and they lost in a perfect way that did not make them seem weak, just overwhelmed. It keeps the tag titles on Carter and Graves and gives the dark demons something to come back for later. Beautifully done. Oh, and just because, Conor O’Brian’s coat gets an honorable mention.

3. Raquel Diaz, Sofia, Paige

Raquel Diaz is now full on Valley Girl. I thought I would hate this, to be honest, but she pulls it off with a certain spark that makes you want to laugh, which it is clearly meant to do. Paige and Sofia come out and accuse Raquel of having once wanting to have been an anti-diva, but Raquel’s response to this is, “Ew.” I keep forgetting about Paige’s beautiful accent until I hear her voice. I also never realized how short Sofia was compared to the other two. She has so much energy and talent that she just seems larger than life somehow. The three put on quite the amusing little promo making a match for the next week. Can’t wait!

2. Brad Maddox vs. Richie Steamboat

These two men look like estranged brothers and it bothers me they are feuding with each other. Yes, I know, silly reason, but Maddox really does seem to be the wilder version of Steamboat. Speaking of wilder, whatever Maddox has been doing of late seems to have carried over into the ring and he has this pent up anger that he seems to be releasing out on Steamboat. Steamboat, though, carries his own. The weak point of the match is that it was predictable once Maddox had the first pin. The match was a 15 Minute Championship match, and ended up being 1-1, Steamboat unable to get that second pin before time ran out. It means Steamboat retains his championship, but why not just let Steamboat actually win? It seems he’s just barely holding onto the title in too many of his matches and shouldn’t be so overdone.

1. Bo Rotundo vs. Kassius Ohno

Bo’s ability to take a spill is starting to reach Dolph levels. Bo’s not as natural at it and it’s still obvious at times that he’s doing the over-bump as opposed to a solid flow through the fall. He’ll get there. He’s another that needs to change his finisher, but we do not see his finisher this episode, though he stills wins the match for a shot at Rollins’ title. Kassius Ohno is beaten, but not cleanly. Earlier in the episode Cesaro gave a promo announcing it will be the last time we see him on the show only for him to rush out during this match, strike Ohno with his bag, and knock him down for Rotundo to steal the pin and the win. Amazing moves from Ohno. Every week I get to see a little more of why he was beloved through the IWC and he’s one of the first where I have said early on, “Yes, I totally see it.”

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