The Top 4 of Drew McIntyre

It’s that time again where we wonder who gets the Top 4 list. This month it’s Drew McIntyre. Despite popularity, and the fact that when he comes out during live events the crowd goes crazy, WWE is under utilizing this amazing talent. Drew I have liked since the moment I first saw him, and that has rarely happened with a superstar for me. I’m a cynic first, they grow on me later. Not Drew. I’ve supported him since the first time I saw him on my television screen. Here’s four reasons to get behind him!

4. The Look

It’s become tradition that I mention hair on the Top 4, so we’ll start with that. In the last few weeks Drew has started a new style where he pulls some of it back in a half ponytail. Sometimes he adds braids. I like the braids. His hair isn’t the only great part of his look. He’s a large guy who looks lean, a perfect muscle combination. He has a face that is one of the most expressive in the WWE. When he wants to be comedic he has a smile that can light up the screen, we he wants to be smug that curl of his lip shows his disdain and his ego, and when he wants to be angry and cruel the narrowing of his eyes and the pure hatred that can ripple across his face has his opponents shaking. The man can take on any role with a certain tilt of his lips. And I haven’t even brought up the clothes yet. That coat was one of my favorite things ever, the way he slowly unbuttons and slides it off, one of the first men to start the sudden growing trend of long coats. (I’m not saying he was the first to wear a long coat, I’m saying the trend started with him!)

3. Entrance

I have never loved an entrance song as much as I have loved Broken Dreams by Shaman’s Harvest. I’ve liked many songs, I think a lot are fitting to the superstar, but this one gives me chills every single time. The music starts and the crowd goes quiet, even as they sing along to the first verse they sing quietly. Then the tempo picks up and Drew McIntyre steps out, a perfect timing that gives me goosebumps. Never has a sound and superstar gone so well together.

2. His Voice

Maybe I have a thing for accents? His lilt and speech, like his smile, work for whatever it is he is saying. Whether he’s angry, smiling, or simply giving a speech the man knows how to deliver and that accent adds to his character and persona.

1. His In-Ring Abilities

Chris is always scared that Drew will be turned a face and it will ruin Drew’s in-ring, or more-so, change it. Drew knows how to be cruel in the ring, absolutely annihilating the weak points of a superstar. He’s swift and near perfection in his movements and sometimes he does moves that are forced to remind me how absolutely muscular he is. My favorite move: The Future Shock. He has perfected this DDT and takes his opponents down with relative ease. This man should be winning most of the matches he is in, not being pushed aside for others. More Drew, please!


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