Over The Limit: Tie-Breaker 2

Tie-breaker 2:

1. Truth pins Swagger

2. Truth pins Ziggler, only because I can’t stand Kofi.

3. Truth pins Swagger

4. Kofi pins Swagger

5. Ziggler pins Kofi

6. Swagger gets pinned by Kofi

7. Kingston pins Ziggler

8. Truth pins Swagger

9. Kofi pins Swagger

10. Kofi pins Ziggler

11. Ziggles pins Truth

12. Truth pins Swagger

13. truth to pin ziggler 

14. Truth Pins Swagger

15. Kofi pins Swagger

16. Truth pins Swagger

17. Ziggler pins Truth

18. Kofi pins Swagger

19. Kofi will pin Swagger

20. Kofi pins Swagger

22. Ziggler pins Kofi

23. Kingston pins Swagger

24. Kingston pins Swagger

25. Kofi pins Jack Swagger

26. Dolph pins Truth

27. *hits the ref to get an auto DQ* yay for no tie-breakers

28. Kofi on Swagger

29. Kofi pinning Swagger

30. Kofi Kingston pins Jack Swagger

31. Kofi pins Swagger

32. Kofi pins Ziggler

33. R-Truth pins Swagger

34. Dolph Ziggler pins R Truth


36. Truth pins Ziggler

37. Kofi pins Swagger after a devastating move

40. R-Truth pins Swagger

41. Kingston pins Swagger

42. Swagger pins Truth

43. Kofi pins Ziggler

44. Kofi pins Swagger

45. Kofi pins Swagger

46. Kofi pins Swagger

47. Truth pins Ziggler

48. Swagger pins R-Truth

49. Truth pins Swagger

51. Ziggles pins Troof.

52. Kofi pins Swagger

53. Kofi Kingston pins Jack Swagger

54. Ziggler pins R-Truth

55. Kofi pins Swagger

57. Kofi pins Swagger

58. Kofi pins Swagger

59. Kofi pins Ziggler

60. Kingston pins Swagger

61. Kofi pins Swagger

62. Truth pins Swagger

63. Kingston pins Swagger

64. Truth pins Ziggles

65. Dolph pins Truth

66. Kofi pins Dolph Ziggler

67. Kofi pins Swagger

68. Ziggler pins Truth


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