Over The Limit Predictions: Zack Ryder vs. Kane

Zack Ryder vs. Kane

WINNER: Zack Ryder

1. Considering Ryder is the Internet Champion and they are trying to push this internet preshow stuff, and despite Kane’s constant domination of Ryder, Zack’s winning it. Winner: Zack Ryder

2.Can Ryder finally get revenge on all that crap Kane did to him ages ago? Of course not, the WWE seems to hate Ryder, even if he makes them money and is more over than Punk in half the arenas.

Winner: Kane

3. Am I falling asleep during the shows?  This is honestly the first time I heard this match was taking place.  Zack got his initial push that the internet demanded and then has been shit on and buried ever since.   Speaking of shit on and buried, Kane’s chokeslam needs to never be seen again.  If he’s going to put shitty work out there like the horrible match with Big Show then it needs to go away.  Now, who to blame?  Was it Kane or Show’s fault?  Probably both.  Anyways, Ryder will keep getting buried and Kane will get a bump up so he doesn’t look like a joke anymore.  This week.

Winner: Kane

4. both kane and ryder have been jobbing horribly the past few months. I have often picked and hoped Kane would win a match to show that the wee still respects him and will show that he is still is the big red machine. I have been wrong. I want Kane to win but also see the Ryder needs his push back as well. After hearing the fans still well behind Ryder at the past Raw dark match I hope that the WEE will take notice and once again bring him to the mid card.
Winner: Zack Ryder

5. Feel this is too little too late for this feud. Don’t care. Winner: Kane

6. LOL.
Winner: Kane

7. I predict that Kane will win because… are you serious, broskette? Zack hasn’t won since Superstars! Winner: Kane

8. Eff this match. Either this is the match that pushes Zack Ryder back into the US title picture, or the match that sufficiently takes Zack Ryder off television. I hope it’s the second.
Winner: Kane

9. Part of me wants to pick a surprise victory with constructive booking, but the other half wants to win this competition.  The second half pulls it out!
Winner: Kane

10. I find it hard to believe Ryder is going over, considering their previous encounters involved Zack being murdered on television.  Winner: Kane

11. This match is about two PPVs overdue, and it’s being wasted on a Pre-Show.  Along with that, Ryder’s been back on jobber duty.  WINNER: Kane

12. I reckon Kane will take Zack to the limit and over it… WINNER: Kane

13. Winner: Kane

14. Ryder can’t win just yet, Ryder needs a bigger lead up to that – Winner :Kane

15. If Ryder wins this then Kane should just retire.

Winner: Kane

16. Winner: Kane

17. Are you serious bro?  We’ve got to revisit this awful feud? 


18. I don’t even care Winner: Kane

19. It seems bizarre that they would book Zack to win out of the blue, after the whole story with Cena and Eve. Winner: Kane

20. If they were pushing Ryder, it wouldn’t be a pre-show match surely? (even if it is online) So, winner: Kane

22. Since this is online. Winner: Ryder

23. This match is going to be short and sweet. Kane wins. Ryder has little to no chance of winning.

Winner Kane

24. If Ryder wins, I’ll kill myself in real life.
Winner: Kane

25. Dear Zack: I love you, but is there any doubt who is going to win this match? Unless The Big O shows up, we all know how this is going to end. Thanks for showing up, hun.

26. I’m glad he can screw my predictions right from the start once again. I can move on even before I have to. Winner: Kane

27. Winner: the woo woo …nope.  Kane wins this one sadly.

28. Me If I live through it…… Winner: Kane.

29. It’s hard to see Ryder getting a win here over Kane, and this also has gotten very little build going into this PPV to really make me think this is gonna be anything more than feeding a Kane to win to make him look good.

Winner: Kane

30. So we are finally getting the ppv quality , well ppv pre show quality match with Kane and Zack Ryder. This one is really hard to pick because they could go either way like they could make Ryder into a star again or it could be just heating Kane back up no pun intended as a contender once again . I think the later is probably the more probable so im going with
Winner: Kane

31. Winner: Kane

32. Does the WWE bookers not remember it was Kane who chokeslammed Ryder “through” a weak panel on the stage? Sadly, Zack Ryder has been reduced to a jobber since he lost the US Title, so either he needs this win, or it’s academic that he won’t get it. Winner: Kane

33. Winner: Zack Ryder

34. Time for a fluke win, if they want to keep him relevant. Winner: Zack Ryder

36. Ryder is a jobber so Winner:Kane

37. I don’t see Ryder winning out of nowhere, considering their previous matches.
Winner: Kane

40. Since WrestleMania, Ryder has become the Jar Jar Binks of the WWE. He’s fully responsible for Team Johnny pulling out the bullshit victory that has lead to the imperial’s taking command. Not to mention, way to waste that internet push WWE, if your intention really was to give Zack Ryder his due, being worked over by Dean Montrose at a house show is not the way to do it. Even more pathetic is Kane’s performance lately. Bigger, badder, shittier, you’d figure the mask would be an incentive to win, but apparently not. And seriously, what was that shit on RAW this week. Lame sauce is what it was! Kane needs to get out of this rut way more than Ryder. Winner: Kane

41. Ryder needs a win like it’s nobody’s business and I don’t know how he’s going to do it, but he needs to end his jobber streak. Winner: Zack Ryder

42. Winner: Kane

43. Winner: Kane

44. Winner: Kane

45. I want a Ryder win, but I don’t know that it will happen. Winner: Kane

46. Winner: Kane

47. You know what? If you want to leave this door open, Kane can compete for the WWE Title. Having him win decisively here sets up a potential feud with Punk over the belt. It’d be a nice reward for one of my absolute childhood favorites.

Winner: Kane

48. I want to back Kane as I have done before and he hasn’t let me down. But me thinks that this time bravery should win over fear (as in my absolute fear of Kane).
Winner: Zack Ryder

49. Zack isnt defending his Internet championship so i expect a win via DQ or Count out face it it’s kane if the titles not on the line he really doesnt need to be there.Winner: Zack Ryder

51. Hey, WWE. If there’s no reason for a match, don’t have it. Not every PPV needs to take advantage of your new found youtube streaming powers. That being said, they really need to build Zack back up.

Winner for the hell of it: Zack Ryder.

52. Winner: Kane

53. As much as I want Ryder to get the win here, I’m going with Kane.
Winner: Kane

54. Ryder is getting a slight push while he’s teaming with Santino. He also hasn’t had a victory over Kane yet, I wish they would save that for TV or on an actual PPV rather than a pre-show but my guess is that it’s happen at the pre-show.
Winner: Zack Ryder.

55. I really don’t see Ryder winning this one, and if he does, I severely question WWE’s booking.
Winner: Kane

57. Winner: Kane

58. Winner: Kane

59. I like Zack but he’s been sucking a lot, plus I like Kane better so
Winner: Kane

60. Winner: Kane

61. I think Kane’s got this. Ryder push seems entirely dead, but I also see this being the least-watched pre-show since there’s nothing on the line. Everybody loses since the heat for this died a long time ago.
Winner: Kane

62. Winner: Ryder

63. Winner: Kane

64. Ryder, because it would be hilarious… Winner: Ryder

65. Winner: Ryder

66. Lol seriously? Winner: Kane

67. Winner: Kane

68. Winner: Kane


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