Over The Limit Predictions: Tag Match

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

WINNER: Kofi Kings & R-Truth

1. As I am going through the predictions and guessing at a very face-friendly ppv, it saddens me to go that way again. Here’s why: they have no other face team to face Ziggler and Swagger. Who would be next? The Usos? They aren’t ready, even if they beat Zig-Swag on Superstars. Winner: Kofi Truth

2. Can they just split Zig Swag already? Let them feud with each other for a bit, just so ONE OF THEM can actually WIN a match for a change? Ziggler vs Swagger would be far better than Bryan vs Punk. Naturally, the randomly paired minority team will retain the titles.

Winner: Kofi and R-Truth

3. Really.  If WWE was going to do anything with Dolph and Jack as tag team champions, wouldn’t they by now? Now if they want to start  a feud between these two teams and build up ZigSwag into a team, I’m all for it.  Make the tag titles mean something using these four great wrestlers.  Plus whatever is going on with Team AW.  There’s some great possibilites here.  But I think Kofi and Truth need to keep the titles a little longer so they can matter and any title change can matter as well.  Nothing against Epico and Primo, but they did nothing for the belts.

Winners: Kofi and Truth

4. Dolph and Swagger have been together for too long.. are they a stable? are they still enemies? now they are a tag team going for the title? Kofi deserves to keep the title, any title, he works hard and he had to deal with a flakey partner. I think the Truth and Kofi make a great team and the kids and fans love them. Besides it may be partly Truths fault that bourne was originally suspended so he can use this to make it up to Kofi.
Winner: Kofi and Truth w. Little Jimmy

5. OMG!!! I SO want Swaggler to win this. They’re a great tag team and think it’s more fun to see faces chase heels. Winner: Ziggler and Swagger

6. Probably Kingston and Truth, about time there’s a tag title match on a PPV again though.
Winners: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

7. Oh come on, it’s obviously gonna be What’s Boomin’? that’ll win! Winners: Truth & Kingston

8. Team Negro vs Aryan Race. Ziggles and Swaggie aren’t going to win. Nothing good will happen in either of their careers, until Ziggler leaves Vickie Guerrero.
Winner, by Lie Detector: R-Truth pinning Swagger

9. Talk about four guys who have been stuck in a rut, lately.  I think this match is just to fill time.  No reason to change the titles so quickly.  Maybe I’m wrong.  I can see it either way because these belts mean nothing to WWE.
Winner: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

10. Dolph should be in the World Title picture, not this. Winner: Kofi Truth

11. Part of me feels Kofi/Truth will go a bit longer as champs, but I have a strong feeling this is “All-American Perfection’s” night.  WINNER: Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

12. I think this could lead into something, and the only way that makes sense to me is if Kofi&Truth keep the titles WINNER: Kofi & Truth

13. Think kofi and truth will beat them no particular reason though!  Winner: Kofi Truth

14. Winner : Kofi and Truth

15. Obviously I want Dolph/Swags to win but all other contenders are heels (Colons, Titus/Young) so Kofi & Truth to retain.

Winner: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

16. Winner: Kofi and Truth

17. I like the idea of Swagger and Ziggler holding the tag belts, but I also want to see Ziggler working in the main events soon. So conflicted.  

WINNER: Ziggler / Swagger

18. Winners: Kofi & Truth

19. Truth and Kofi have only just won it, and they seem determined to make Kofi a tag team champion. Winners: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston

20. Poor Swaggles have been depushed something awful. They’re about the only heel team available. Winner: Kofi/Truth

22. Winners and new tag champs ZigSwag

23. Ziggler and Swagger have no success in tag team matches. This is a fact. In singles, they can win every match, but when the titles are on the line, they can’t get the job done.

Winner Kingston/Truth

24. Kofi wins lol.
Winner: Kofi and Truth

25. As a frustrated Dolphin, all I can say is, having Dolph in this match and not having some singles gold around his waist is a waste of my viewing time. The man who can headstand while he pins you and sell fifths to straight edgers is easily the best man in this bout, but his team will not win. After poor Kofi having a hard time of it with false tag team starts recently (none his fault), the booking team is eager to solidify the team of “Boom Truth” or whatever the hell Kofi and Uncle Ronnie are calling themselves. So while Dolph will give a great performance as always, he will end up losing.
WINNERS: Kofi and Uncle Ronnie

26. Winners: My boys D-Zig and J-Swag. [remove suggestive homoerotic denotation here]

27. Winner: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

28. Team Nothing to do so we teamed up. (Truth and Kofi) Winner: Kingston & Truth

29. I want Ziggler and Swagger to win, I really do, but I think this is going to be the start of something big for Dolph. I see them losing, and Ziggler leaving Vickie and joining Washington’s clients, and finally getting some form of momentum. But R-Truth is on the other team, so that’s always a plus.

Winner: Kofi & Truth

30. These are 4 guys that have been running in place since I can remember, not going to complain too much because they all deserve to be in strong singles programs but i’ll take them in a tag match on the ppv. There really is worse teams you could put up against each other in the WWE. I think Truth and Kingston are still going to roll with the titles as I see Dolph splitting away from Swagger very soon with introduction of Mason Ryan very soon with All World.
Winner: and still Tag Team Champions R Truth & Kofi Kingston

31. In what should be a decent match. I think Kofi and Truth walk away with the win. What sense does it make for them to lose right now? 

Winner: Kofi and R-Truth

32. I don’t see why the WWE needs to take the Tag Titles from them yet, no offense to Ziggler & Swagger, when they could get great matches out of a feud over the summer between Kofi/Truth and Young/Titus Winner: Kofi and R-Truth

33. Winner: R-boom

34. PLEASE don’t have Vicki get knocked down and do that piercing scream! Winner: Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger

36. Dolph and Swagger are glorified jobbers so Winner: Kofi and Truth The Coon Squad

37. As much as it pains me, Kofi & Truth retain.
Winners: Still Kofi Kingston & R-Truth.

40. The randomness in Ziggler & Swagger is a bit over due, but this match as the potential to be a great one. Granted, WWE has pretty well destroyed their tag team division; this piece of filler has the ability to be something really great. It probably won’t make it there but, as long as I see a great match I don’t care. Winner: Kingston & R-Truth

41. Kofi and Truth are working well together and I’m ready for Ziggler and Swagger to split up; losing this match gives a reason for the split. Winner: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

42. Winner: American Perfection

43. Winners: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

44. Winner: Boom Truth

45. Winners: Kingston and Truth

46. Winner: Kingston and R-Truth

47. I can’t get behind Kingston and Truth as champs. It does nothing for me. But I’m also sick of Swagger/Ziggler sticking together, Dolph needs to break free, cumulating with a MiTB win. Kofi/Truth will drop to Titus/Darren when ready.

Winner: Truth/Kingston

48. I really like Swagger and Ziggler but cannot listen to Vicki Guerrero. But don’t really get Kofi or R-Truth. Oh the dilemma….
Winner: Swagger and Ziggler

49. another potential show stealer. kofi and dolph will probably work most of this match champs retain. Winner: Kingston & Truth

51. Ziggles and Thwaggie make a FANTASTIC tag team. If they become the champions, Primo and Epico would have a manager, they have Vickie, room for amazing matches with managers fighting and I seem to have lost where I was going.

Winner: American Perfection.

52. Winners: Truth & Kofi

53. I hate the fact that I’m going with everyone retaining their titles, but Ziggler and Swagger are just jobbers as of right now.
Winner: Kofi and R-Truth

54. Swagger and Dolph have had so many tag team title matches lately and never won. I think it’s time now. Ziggler clearly isn’t getting a push to the main event any time soon so I guess a tag title run would be a decent consolation prize.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

55. Hahaha, Swagger winning.
Winner: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

57. Winner: Kofi and Truth

58. Winner: Kofi and Truth

Winner: Kofi and Truth

60. Winner: Kingston/Truth

61. The bathroom break match of the night. No offense to Dolph but Kofi vs. Dolph in any capacity has happened way too much. Kofi and R-Truth need a tag name and entrance which WWE plans to give them. This will end in victory for Boring Boom and likely follow with Dolph and Jack finally splitting up the team and blaming each other.
Winner: Kofi/Truth

62. Winner: Truth/Kingston

63. Winner: Kingston/Truth

64. Winner: Kofi/Truth

65. Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

66. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth retain. See reasons above. Winner: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

67. Winner: Kofi and R-Truth

68. Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

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