Over The Limit Predictions: Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

Layla vs. Beth Phoenix


1. They didn’t bring Layla back to have her lose quite yet. Despite Phoenix being bigger than her, it’s Layla’s time to shine and she’ll win with a fluke. Winner: Layla

2. Okay, I’ll say it. Layla is better than Beth, who might very well be the most overrated in-ring performer in the WWE. Layla just got the title, so let her have it a while. Beth had a long reign that meant nothing.

Winner: Layla

3. Ugh. Just.  Ugh.  How do you fuck up beautiful women fighting?  Fuck it up to a point that no one has any desire to watch it?  Layla just came back and has been on TV a total of maybe 15 minutes.  Pinned one Bella, pinned the other, stared at Beth.  What a riveting character.  This is someone I want to spend money on!  Beth has made it very vocal that she is not happy with the Divas division.  Beth, the fans aren’t happy with it either!  Beth has been losing to Layla on the house show loops.  I wouldn’t be shocked if she’s out of WWE either when the next round of cuts happens or when her contract is up.  I’m all for building up a new Diva.  Especially one who is black, English, and really not the cookie cutter Diva style.  I just wish she had a character.  Give me a reason to care!  Unfortunately I really think Beth is on her way out and Layla needs to be put over.

Winner:  Layla

4. While I think Beth Phoenix is a great woman wrestler( though she truly doesn’t count since i think she is a tranny) her match up have sucked, Although not entirely her fault. Still she did nothing for the title and barely even defended it. Maybe it was because she is too good or because Kharma was out either way I think Layla can do more with the title, she cane make other look good and not a complete squash. Also she just won the title… not that that means anything.
Winner: Layla

5. Too early to take it off of Layla unless something happens w/ Kharma, which, I’m not holding my breath about anymore. So…Winner: Layla

6. Looks like they’re building up Layla, it’d be silly to put it on Phoenix.
Winner: Layla

7. Like they’ll push Beth. Winner: Layla

8. This is the second most sought after divas match this year. After Beth Phoenix wins the match, Kharma will finally make her return, and nix Layla from the Championship equation, which is sad, because Layla is wonderful.
Winner: Beth Phoenix

9. This is actually a hard one to call because I don’t understand why it’s happening.  Beth was supposed to be horrendously injured, but she’s back and challenging for the title in just three weeks?  It seems like they thought Kharma was coming back, she didn’t, so they threw the belt on Layla, and are now kind of confused as to where to go from here.  Or, at least I’M confused by where they’re going.  I say they just stay committed for at least this month.
Winner: Layla 

10. Maybe this will finally lead to Kharma’s return. Winner: Layla

11. Beth had her shot, and I’m guessing WWE isn’t trying to give the belt back(though I wouldn’t be surprised with this division).  Let Layla run with it.  WINNER: Layla

12. Well this is toilet break sorted! Winner: Layla

13. Lalya to win as I can’t see her losing to Beth Winner: Layla

14. Winner : Layla

15. All logic suggests Beth should win therefore I pick Layla.

Winner: Layla

16. Winner: Layla

17. Layla’s back, yay! Beth’s wrestling YAY!  Give this match 10 minutes please, WWE. Let these two talented ladies put on a show. And let the right one win.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix

18. Winner: Layla

19. They won’t take the title off of Layla this soon, especially after how long Beth’s reign was previously. Winner: Layla

20. Even if by some twist of awesomeness Kharma wins, I still think Layla will retain. Winner: Layla

22. Of course every1 is waiting on a Kharma return. I guess both will get squashed. Winner: No Contest

23. This match, just like the WHC match, could go either way. Both are good wrestlers for divas and could put on a great match. So with saying this, I say Layla wins to keep her momentum.

Winner Layla

24. Damn, they’re all tough. I say Layla retaining, she hasn’t really done crap.
Winner: Layla

25. Beth Phoenix had the title a LONG time, and she had almost no problem beating anyone. It was boring, frankly, and I think the Divas Division needs some spice from uncertainty, so they SHOULD book Layla to win after a real battle. However, since they never book the Divas to actually go anywhere creatively, they will probably just have Beth win after a squash match. No matter what the match is, it will likely last five minutes or less.
WINNER: Beth Phoenix

26. Not that I care one floating bit. Winner: Layla

27. Winner: Layla

28. Winner: Layla

29. I love Layla, and therefore she is who I pick. It’s that simple.

Winner: Layla (’cause she’s flawless and all)

30. I know Layla has been on tv since she won the championship at Extreme Rules but I am just feeling Layla as Divas Champion. They kind of set her up to fail by not getting her set up with new music , some wins heading into the victory and some heat on her character overall. However I think they didn’t put the title on her for nothing so ..
Winner: and still Divas Champon Layla

31. Winner: Layla

32. Whichever Bella twin it was that recently won the title was to deflect attention from their tweet about them leaving. Layla becoming champion was WWE’s way of saying we are sorry about you getting hurt. Beth will probably be champion when Kharma returns, unless she comes back and destroys both of them at Over the Limit or she screws Beth out of it… Winner: Beth Phoenix

33. Winner: Layla

34. I don’t even know why Layla has the Bathroom Break Championship! Winner: Beth Phoenix

36. Layla will keep the title for a while longer so Winner: Layla

37. I think WWE wants to have people remember who Layla is, so they’ll keep the title on her longer.
Winner: Layla

40. Just when you think a division had a chance, we’re back to the same old bullshit. Way to make your best wrestler into a joke WWE, I mean if you’re just going to drive the division in the ground could we have Karma back before you do so? Does anybody really care who wins here? No, both are gorgeous women, we get that, but this match just feels like Jubilee (Layla) vs. Jean Grey w/ the Phoenix (Beth Phoenix; I know pathetic). Fuck, Jubilee would be destroyed, not to mention I hated her to begin with. Fuck, let’s just get it over with. Winner: Layla

41. Layla is just getting started with her Diva’s Champ run, plus I can’t stand Beth Phoenix and the thought of her getting another championship run so quickly is ridiculous. Winner: Layla

42. Winner: Layla

43. Winner: Beth Phoenix

44. Winner: Layla

45. Winner: Layla

46. Winner: Layla

47. Feels like they’re going to invest alot in Layla for the divas division as of now. Can’t see her dropping te title so quickly.

Winner: Layla

48. Umm, is this a time filler match, oh wait no that’s the two John match.
Winner: Layla

49. Beth Beats Layla to oblivion when Kharma shows up and Beth gets counted out chasing Kharma to the back. Winner: Layla

51. No interest in this ‘feud’ whatsoever.

Winner: Layla.

52. Winner: Layla

53. Eventually Kharma will be back to feud with Beth, but for now I see Layla holding on to the title.
Winner: Layla

54. Simply because I don’t want this match to be pointless, I want Layla to retain so that they can have a good series of matches and the Divas title and Layla’s can actually mean something rather than her having the title for less than a month.
Winner: Layla

55. Fresh from a return, of course WWE are going to need time to build Layla up, so I don’t think it would make much sense for her to lose this early on. I’ve been wrong before though.
Winner: Layla

57. Winner: Layla

58. Winner: Layla

59. lol don’t care
Winner: Layla

60. Winner: Layla

61. Poor Beth. I don’t think she’s getting the belt back from Layla here at all. Layla is a more “beatable” champion which is exactly why she’s keeping it. Someone else can benefit from defeating Layla for the belt who wouldn’t normally be able to defeat a Beth Phoenix.
Winner: Layla

62. Winner: Layla

63. Winner: Layla

64. Winner: Layla

65. Winner: Layla

66. Layla just got the title, and much like Sheamus, it’s much too early for her to lose the title. Winner: Layla

67. Winner: Layla

68. Winner: Layla


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