Over The Limit Predictions: John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis

John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis

WINNER: John Laurinaitis

1. So WWE throws a bunch of plot devices at us and pretty much guarantees that Laurinaitis will have interference on his behalf at Over the Limit, or else he’ll be fired. Still, how will they fire Laurinaitis onscreen and not fire him/have him quit for real in a time when people know where everyone is employed. Plus, I’m tired of firing angles. Winner: No Contest

2. Ah yes, the match that would have gone to Punk months ago had the WWE not concluded that Punk wasn’t worth the effort. Unfortunately, they probably chose correctly on this one. One Cena is bad enough, so they might as well stick with the longest running Cena in television history.

This match has “Big Show Interferes” written all over it, but the WWE loves to spit in the face of logic in order to pretend that they’re unpredictable. I have NO IDEA who is going to win this one (since “Cena Wins” is the standard ppv ending). That being said, I’m going to HOPE that if the show is as face-friendly as I’ve predicted thus far, the WWE will have the balls to actually end the ppv on a “downer” and make Cena earn his eventual triumph instead of having it handed to him right off the bat for the 234233242423rd time.

Winner: BIG JOHNNY and People Power!

3. What the —- is going on with John Cena?  He made that dramatic speech after Extreme Rules and yet here he is in this story.  And still on TV too.  He’s going through the divorce and is probably just burnt out as well.  But what point is there to any of this?  I think the only way to make any sense or predict anything here is to look at the stipulations:

If Laurinaitis loses, he will be fired. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission. No superstar or diva is allowed at ringside. If any superstar or diva interferes, he/she will be fired.

Well, Johnny wont be fired because they’re not done with what ever the fuck they’re doing with Teddy Long.  Nor is Teddy going to be in charge of both Raw and Smackdown next week.  Its the no interference part that intrigues me.  Big Show was fired.  Brock quit.  Eve may not be classified as a Diva anymore.  Numerous possibilities for interference.  All of which help out Lauinaitis.  (Big Show gets rehired the next night on Raw, but only because he helps Johnny win.)  Someone interferes on Johnny’s behalf, he then hires that person back into WWE the next night.  Cena will feud with that person and Johnny moves on to what the fuck ever.

Winner:  John Laurinaitis

4. everyone talks about the big show blah blah.. but its been too many weeks without Lesnar.. (not enough for me but you know some people have a hard on for him)

Winner: Laurinaitis

5. I see lots and lots of troublemaking here w/ maybe some help from the Big Show in order to get his job back. Winner: Johnny Ace thru TONS of cheating

6. I can’t see Laurinaitis losing, because he’s so hot and he hasn’t been GM for that long yet. Besides this is going to have shenanigans written all over it.
Winner: John Laurinaitis

7. Well, lookie here. John vs John. I could go for the obvious joke, but I won’t. The man that’s bringing us all #PeoplePower will win! Winner: John Laurinaitis

8. Everybody thinks Lesnar returns tonight, because he can’t be fired if he doesn’t work for the company. I don’t believe that. I think that Triple H returns, John Cena wins, and Triple H uses his power to not lose his job.
#BitchesLoveBigJohnny, but he’s getting fired.
Winner, by STF: John Cena

9. This issems pretty obvious to me.  If anybody interferes, they’re fired.  Soooooo, Big Show interferes on behalf of Laurinaitis and helps him win in exchange for getting his job back, right?
Winner: John Laurinaitis

10. John Ventura vs Johnny Charisma. You don’t want him to win, you need him to win. Winner: EVP of Talent Relations & Interim General Manager of Raw and Smackdown Mr. John Laurinaitis

11. If Cena wins this match…I don’t even know what to think.  WINNER: John Laurinaitis

12. So if Johnny loses he’s fired? Well he’s not gonna lose then! I think Show gets the win for Johnny. Accidentally or otherwise Winner: Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown Mr Johnny “King of Japan and People Power” Laurinitis

13. Big Johnny to win! Can see big show playing a part in the win for big johny!
Winner: Laurinitus 

14. tricky tricky – Neither Lesnar no Big Show are in the employ of WWE, so cannot be fired… Not thinking Lesnar will show up to save Big Johnny, since he failed him… Big Show will be involved…. a heel turn would be no fun, but a chokeslam or knockout on Ace would be fun. gonna stick with Cena on this one. Winner : John Cena

15. Not a chance that Johnny is going anywhere so he picks up the win via foul play.  Big Show will be involved but I have a feeling someone else costs Cena the match – Batista perhaps?

Winner: John Laurinitis

16. Winner: Johnny Ace

17. This will be a trainwreck above all trainwrecks.  But here’s what’ll happen.  Brock will show up for Ace (because right now, Brock’s not a WWE Superstar, he quit!), and then Big Show will show up for Cena (because Ace fired him!), then we’ll have a Brock/Show feud (ugh), and Cena and Big Johnny will still hate each other. 

WINNER: No Contest

18. Well…. It’s pretty obvious the finish is going to be Big Show aiding Johnny. Big Show won’t be a complete heel. He will just look at Cena with that look of desperation because he had to do it to keep get his job back. Winner: John Laurinaitis

19. Laurinitus losing would make the feud he had with Teddy pointless. Cena will fall victim to some heinous act and lose. Winner: Big Johnny

20. Laurinaitis will win by shenanigans somehow, possibly Lesnar or Big Show. Winner: Johnny Ace

22. Every1 is looking for Big Show. So since he is “fired” what better way to get your job back by taking out Cena. Winner: Johnny

23. This match has one way of ending and that is Johnny Ace winning thanks to The Big Show. My theory is that Big Show will interfere and cost Cena the match at some capacity,  turning Show heel. Winner Johnny Ace

24. Ace wins, due to Lesnar interference.
Winner: John Laurinaitis

25. Cena might as well have a “YOU GONNA GET RAPED” sign on his back with this one. It’s OBVIOUS that Big Johnny is going to hire Big Show as his private enforcer. Remember how the Board said anyone working for the WWE would be fired if they interfered? Well the Acehole fired Show BEFORE the PPV so he could be a non-WWE worker so he would be immune to the Board’s ruling. Show, being desperate, will betray Cena so that he can go back to “doing what he loves.” The one thing I think the bookers have miscalculated on, unless the writing is better than usual, is Show being a heel in this case. So many people hate Cena that it might make Show more popular than ever to screw him over.
WINNER: John Laurinaitis Clown shoes with help from private enforcer Big Show

26. Way to make me cheer for him, wwe. You bloody trolls. Winner: Cena

27. Going with the obvious so i can hopefully retain my JPEG TITLE!

And if i DO win, i’d love some awesome Million dollar man style theme music

Winner: John Laurinaitis

28. Winner: Big Johnny

29. Shenanigans are incoming, Big Show punching Cena in the face Shenanigans I think.

Winner: A guy named John… (The Laurinaitis variety)

30. I am really interested in seeing this match for the sheer reason of seing what lauranaitis is actually going to be able to do in the ring. What is he going to wear in the match, is he still able to work at all and what possible gimmick could they have up their sleeve so he can win. I know they said if any “current” superstar gets involved they are fired. Big Show just got fired so he is a strong possibility but it could also mean the debut return for Batista. So many possibilities ultimately. I know they worked their ass off on Raw try to make Lauranaitis a hated heel since Cena is going to get booed either way but I think they got some pretty solid heat on Lauranaitis heading into the match.
Winner: John Laurnaitis

31. Laurinaitis will win when Batista comes in and destroys Cena. Just a thought. Winner: BIG JOHNNY! 

32. The Big Show… I’m going to point something about this storyline out… who brought the fax from the Board of Director’s to the ring Monday night? Eve! Does anyone know when they got that fax? Was it right then, or BEFORE Big Show got “fired”? My prediction, Big Show is in on it, Johnny Ace “fired” Show so he would no longer be on the roster so the Board couldn’t fire him if he interfered in this match. Then Ace gives Big Show his job back for helping him, before a reveal that he was in on it the whole time. Why? Lesnar will not be involved. It would ruin the Triple H/Lesnar/Heyman storyline…… So what do you think about my theory? Tweet this post and let everyone know… Winner: John Laurinaitis

33. Winner: John Cena

34. This month’s version of the “logic be damned” match…I’d go into what I think the scenario will be but it’s pointless simply because there are too many stories involving “People Power” so it’s painfully obvious he will not be fired… Winner: John Lauranaitis

36. I want my theme music to be reminiscent of Mr Perfects. Johnny Ace will continue his reign of terror. Winner:Johnny Ace with interference from Show

37. This has clusterf— written all over it. I’m hoping for a Lesnar run-in, expecting a Big Show run-in, and maybe Big Johnny will bring back the skateboard for old times sake. One question: Has John Cena ever actually lost at Over the Limit? I don’t think so.
Winner: John Cena

40. So, wasn’t John Cena supposed to go away? Well he will now! Cena’s last three matches have been all over the map, but sadly the only way this match can go is for Johnny to win, it’s the only way. I know what you’re going to say, bullshit, but IT’S THE ONLY WAY! And if you interrupt me I’ll just keep saying it! Winner: John Laurinaitis

41. The only way I would be okay with Laurinaitis getting the win is if he starts coming to the ring on a skateboard. As much as I want him gone, I don’t think it’s time to end the reign of People Power. Winner: John Laurinaitis

42. Winner: Johnny Ace

43. Winner: John Laurinaitis

44. Winner: Johnny Ace

45. Something screwy results in a People Power victory. Winner: John Laurinaitis

46. Winner: John Laurinaitis

47. They poured it on too thick here for the awful take-home promo. Just when it seems like Cena can’t have it any easier, Laurinaitis weasels his way to a win. Heel Big Show? Lesnar? Another returnee? Who knows, but there’s no way Cena wins here.

Winner: Johnny Ace

48. Laurinaitis is mean, there it’s been said. I don’t see him in any of the advertisements they are playing on Australian television for the WWE tour later in this year. Cena though is a massive draw card. Given all this there is just no way I would pick Laurinaitis, to me this match is just a joke, just like Laurinaitis.
Winner: John Cena

49. Big Show will lobby to get his job back by reluctantly causing cena to lose the match.Winner: Johnny Ace

51. This match confuses me. If we get a run-in from a “non-employed” wrestler (Big Show), it could make it interesting but… I really don’t know. Big Johnny is getting fantastic heat, they shouldn’t want to get rid of that.

Winner: Big Johnny Ace.

52. Winner: Laurinatis

53. There is no way Big Johnny is losing this match. Either Brock Lesner will interfere or Big Show will.
Winner: Big Johnny

54. Laurinaitis via some sort of interference involving someone that used to work for WWE or God knows what. Some sort of interference will happen.
Winner: Big Johnny

55. This match is going to be full of antics and malarkey, such as interferences and dirty tactics, and hopefully all in favour of Big Johnny. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cena won, but I’m gonna go with Ace.
Winner: John Laurinaitis

57. Winner: John Cena

58. Winner: John Laurinaitis

59. This match is going to be dumb fun, but with the way they’ve been booking Cena (Wrestlemania vs. ER) I’m gonna go with Cena.
Winner: Cena

60. Winner: Cena

61. They’ve made this a NO-WIN SITUATION for Big Johnny which is exactly why John Laurinaitis will win. Expect interference from Big Show so that he can regain his job. WWE has had everyone disappointed in Show being fired and thus everyone will be disappointed when he turns on Cena to keep his job – since he’s already “fired” he doesn’t have to worry about being “fired by the board.” This is pretty academic and WWE has lost all faith in Lord Tensai to feud with Cena, so Big Show seems the obvious choice. P.S. There better be an Ace Crusher. That’s all I ask.
Winner: John Laurinaitis

62. Winner: Big Johnny

63. Winner: Big Johnny (with assistance from someone, who is not on the roster)

64. Super Cena….maybe, but not clean… Winner: John Cena

65. Winner: John Laurinaitis

66. I really think John Laurinaitis is going to get outside help from a former Superstar to win, which sets it up for No Way Out. Winner: John L

67. Winner: John Laurinaitis

68. Winner: Big Johnny

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